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Where Is The Cast Of Disney's "So Weird" Now?

Possibly one of the best, if not the best, original series Disney has developed ever. Sadly, thanks to their 3 season deals back in the day, the show ended to way to early.

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Cara DeLizia

Character: Fiona 'Fi' Phillips

The shows main protagonist for the first two seasons.

Fi created a website called So Weird where she discusses the strange and paranormal things she encounters while on tour with her rock star mom.

Before her character left the show, she began discovering that her father's death was not just any ol' car accident.

Where is Cara Now?: After being replaced (because Disney wanted to put a lighter tone on the show) Cara has appeared in various TV shows and made for TV movies. Her other main recurring role was on "Boston Republic" from '02-'03 as Marcie Kendall. She got married in 2004, divorced in 2006, and then married once more in 2009.

Mackenzie Phillips

Character: Molly Phillips

So Weird wouldn't have been the same without Mackenzie's surprisingly awesome vocals on top of the even more surprising epic rock songs. Molly does have a few paranormal moments on the show also. She has said in the show she can "feel things coming".

Where is Mackenzie now?: After So Weird, Mackenzie did some guest spots on various TV shows and even a Disney Channel Original Movie called "Double Teamed".Go to 2010 and she is on "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew", spilling her secrets about her drug addictions and her very dysfunctional family. Things have been looking up for the former Disney Rock Mom though. She has written a book, like most famous people, and has entered the acting world again.She appeared in "Criminal Minds" in 2012 and is currently filming a TV movie called "She Made Them Do It".

Patrick Levis

Character: Jack Phillips

Fi's older brother who doesn't believe in her "weird stuff". Although, Jack does get into his share of strange moments: getting possessed by a ball of light named Bricriu, joining a study group who turned out to be vampires, and being pulled into the internet buy a creep named Jordan who stalked Fi online.

Where is Patrick now?: After So Weird, Patrick has done about 1-2 projects a year. He played Grant Stage in a show called "Maybe It's Me" back in '01. Around 2004 he started up a Christian folk band named Least of These. Pat was the song writer and guitarist for the band that hasn't been heard from for the past couple years. Most recently he was on The Fresh Beat Band in 2011.

Erik von Detten

Character: Clu Bell

Jack's best friend and the son of Irene and Ned, Clu was the goofy one who would sometime help out Fi on her paranormal quests. He wasn't on the show full time. Clu left for college in the middle of the series and came back in season 3.

Where is Mr. von Detten now?: Erik had somewhat of a "teen heart-throb" rep pre-So Weird with the DCOM "Brink!". During So Weird's last year (2001), he portrayed the a**hole love interest with great hair, Josh Byrant, in "The Princess Diaries". Since then he's done various TV series and movies but the coolest appearance is his credit of Sid in Toy Story 3 (although, he's just humming and playing heavy metal licks on his guitar). Oh, and his hair is still just as wonderful.

Eric Lively

Character: Carey Bell

Carey is Clu's older brother and joins the show in season 2. He eventually became Molly's guitarist after Ned and Irene found out he dropped out of college. Carey is also quite girl crazy and for some reason in the So Weird fan world, Carey are Molly becoming an item is a popular topic.

Where is Eric now?: After So Weird's run ended, Eric did a lot of TV movies including the Lifetime movie "Speak", in which he rapes Kristen Stewart. He also starred in "The Butterfly Effect 2" as Nick Larson. In 2009 he appears in P!nk's music video for "Please Don't Leave Me". Most recently he guest starred in "The Client List" with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Also, pretty much his whole family has been in the entertainment world. His sister is Blake Lively.

Belinda Metz

Character: Irene Bell

Molly's manager and mother to Clu and Carey, Irene definitely doesn't believe in the paranormal hype. She is constantly on her cell phone and trying to keep the group moving on the road.

Where is Belinda now?: After So Weird she was in some movies and TV series but nothing to main stream. Having released an album back in the 80's, she is still writing music independently and has credits in choreography as well.

Dave 'Squatch' Ward

Character: Ned Bell

Ned is Molly's bus driver and head roadie, as well as Irene's husband. He brought a certain charm to the show. He is the home school teacher for Fi, Jack and Clu on the road. Also, he gets possessed by an angry sea captain in the episode "Mutiny"

Where is Dave now?: Surprisingly, 'Squatch' has done a lot of voice overs for anime flicks. Since 2009 though, he hasn't appeared in anything. According to his FaceBook though, he is married and his "general laziness is punctuated by naps" as the "Chief Layabout" at "Gainfully Unemployed".

Alexz Johnson

Character: Annie Thelen

Annie came into the show in season 3. A lot of fans don't like the last season because of the lighter tone it took on. Annie's focus was mainly on her music and "what happened to her in the jungle when she was 3". She has a panther that follows her around and protects her.

Where is Alexz now?: I had to save the best for last.

Alexz has a great career. After So Weird she landed a lead role for "Instant Star" as Jude Harrison in 2004. The show took off and Alexz gained a huge fan base. Since then Alexz has done a few Lifetime movies and various TV spots. Her biggest success his her music career. She has put out 4 albums, an EP, a live album and has another album on the way, as well as a documentary (all done independently). Alexz toured the states for the first time last year by using Kickstarter. Her loyal fans donated so much she reached her goal within the first couple days. She will be heading out on tour again this spring. I've got to say, I've loved Alexz since So Weird and I've been following her acting career and her incredible music. It won't be long now till we see Alexz on stage accepting a Grammy.

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