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    47 Facts You May Not Know About KoRn

    You think you know...

    1.Korn has been a band since 1993 - beginning with the demo "Neidermeyer's Mind"

    3.Head, Munky, Fieldy, and David saw Jonathan live (with his band at the time, Sexart) and tried recruiting him for Korn. He only joined because a psychic told him to do so.

    4.The bassist (Fieldy) and both guitarists (Munky and Head) are known mainly by their nicknames. Their real names are Reginald Quincy Arvizu (Fieldy), James Shaffer (Munky), and Brian Welch (Head)

    6.Head's nickname was giving to him by friends who said his head was to big for his body

    7.Munky's nickname is due to the fact that his feet resemble monkey hands

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    10.Fieldy released a rap album in 2002 called "Rock 'n' Roll Gangster". The track "Baby Hugh Hef" listed as #10 in the "50 Worst Songs of the 2000's" for a Village Voice article.

    11.Munky, Head, and Fieldy all went to high school together

    12.Jonthan's favorite group is Duran Duran (he was bullied in school for dressing like them)

    13.Munky began playing guitar to rehabilitate his finger. He severed the tip of it on a 3 wheeler chain

    15.The bagpipe intro for "Shoots and Ladders" was recorded on a mountain top to make the acoustics sound more natural

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    16."K@#O%!" (from Life is Peachy) states around 40 dirty/cuss words. "When you were a kid and you heard the F-word in a song, you'd just rewind it a hundred times just to hear them say it. So we just said 'let's put as mandy cuss words in one song as we could possibly do" - Fieldy

    17.Korn started the successful "Family Values Tour". It ran for years '98, '99, '01, '06, '07, and '13.

    18.Korn covered War's "Low Rider" with Head on vocals for their album "Life is Peachy"

    19.On Korn's third album "Follow the Leader" they placed a cover of Cheech and Chong's "Earache My Eye" as a hidden track

    20."Follow the Leader" and "Issues" were the only albums to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200

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    21."Got the Life" is the first music video ever to be 'retired' from MTV's TRL

    22."Freak On a Leash" was nominated for 9 VMA's. It won 2, Best Rock Video as well as Best Editing

    24.Korn has been given the key to Bakersfield, CA

    26.Fred Durst directed the video for "Falling Away from Me"

    28.Fieldy has a tattoo by Fred Durst

    29.Fieldy is responsible for the design and distribution of Korn's merchandise

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    30.MTV held a contest entitled mtvTREATMENT in which the winner got to direct the music video for "Alone I Break". (The concept was that of a reality tv show where Jon Davis kills off the members of the band)

    31.The majority of the songs performed in the movie Queen of the Damned were written and sang by Jonathan Davis. Due to contract issues, Jon had other vocalists replace him for the soundtrack.

    32."Take A Look in the Mirror" was their first album to be self-produced

    33."Did My Time" is their highest ranking single on Billboard, hitting #38

    34.The 3 minute 17 second track titled "Y'all Want a Single" says "fuck" 89 times

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    35.For the video "Twisted Transistor" Korn was portrayed by four different rappers: Xzibit, Lil Jon, Snoop Dogg, and David Banner

    36.In 2007, Korn released an untitiled album

    38.Jonathan has three sons: Nathan Howsman, Pirate Howsman, and Zeppelin Howsman (Jon's middle name is Howsman)

    39.Jonathan's half-brother Mark Chaves is the former singer for Adema

    40.Covered the song "Kidnap the Sandy Claus" for The Nightmare Before Christmas's 2008 "Nightmare Revisited"

    41.May 6, 2012 was reuniting of Head and the band. He joined them on stage to place their first single "Blind"

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    42.Worked with EDM arist's such as Skrillex, 12th Planet, Excision, and Kill the Noise for their dubstep influenced album "The Path of Totality"

    44.The vocals for the album "Path to Totality" were recorded in his home theater, closets, and various hotels

    45.Just released 11th album "The Paradigm Shift" (their first album since Take a Look in the Mirror with band member Brian "Head" Welch)

    46.The past few albums and tours were self-funded

    47.Munky on his stage wear: "I wanted to wear something on stage that was like kinda trashy, dirty. Because when I'm [on stage] I feel sick. It's like that person I don't like in me, all things I hate about myself. That's who I am up there."