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The Top Natural Ways To Go Natural

In the wake of the 21st century black women have been focusing on rehabilitating and empowering their self-love and confidence. #TeamNatural has grown in popularity as a result of this. with the publics increasing interest in the need to go green by making an effort to use only natural products, natural hair is starting to evolve, and it's looking pretty green!

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In order to ensure our planet doesn't deteriorate into a flaming ball of trash, we all need to do our part. So what are some methods in which we, as black women can go green while keeping the movement of going natural Alive?

The Store-bought Method.


The easiest natural way to go natural and be environmentally friendly is just to use hair care products from one of the many brands that use only natural ingredients. For many brands all natural means excluding the use of ingredients like, paraben, sulfates, phthalates, and petroleum. The downside to this method is that it's pretty frickin pricey and many of these companies still use non-environmentally friendly bottles, whoops! However, some of the leading brands to check out in this arena are Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture, Shea Moisture, and Carol's Daughter.

The Kitchen Method. And Not Just The One On The Back Of Your Neck!

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As many #TeamNatural members know, the key to a smooth natural hair transition and maintenance is moisture, and we are talkin' Niagara Falls moisture. Because of the thickness of our hair strands it's easier for us to experience dryness and breakage. Therefore, in order to ensure our hair doesn't end up drying up and wistfully flying off of our heads like we are human dandelions, we need to do things like deep condition and do hair treatments preferably once a week. Some all natural and green ways of doing this can be achieved by using things like, olive oil, honey, avocado, and even mayonnaise. Each of these items has their own benefits and varies in degrees of moisture, with mayonnaise and olive oil catering more towards softness and shine, and avocado and honey being best for deep moisture.

The Lifestyle Method.

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There are many ways to take care of your gorgeous locks without getting all up in there. For starters, when towel drying abstain from patting or rubbing your hair with your towel. Instead, leave your hair in the towel and let the cotton of the towel absorb the excess moisture in your hair for a few minutes then air dry. By doing this you are making sure your hair locks in as much moisture from your shower as it needs. Some other hacks are to use a humidifier to keep moisture in the air your pretty ass hangs out in, take supplements like omega 3s and biotin, and try to leave your hair down and as free as Rihanna's braless bosom!

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