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5 Skincare Musts For Makeup Addicts

If you like, cut creases, baking your face, and ombre lips, these are the skincare tips for you!

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As a result of all of this many of us now take pride in caking our faces and wearing makeup more often then not, which may be great for our follower count....but our skin is weeping silent little skin tears.

Toner, toner, toner!


If your caking your face with makeup you'll want it clear and ready to go by the time you lift a brush. For this I suggest becoming a tonerholic! A lot of people have no idea what toner is or what it's purpose is although they've been religiously using it for 5 years and have a favorite brand. Simply put, toner is a water based cleanser. You would think this could be just another part of your nightly skin care routine. Wrong! Use that crap all of the time! Most makeup and skincare we use is oil based and clogs our pores. Toner water is, you guessed it water based, and most can be used over makeup. Therefore, when purchased in a spray bottle toner can be mindlessly sprayed on whenever your little wing linered heart desires maintaining your skin care all day and keeping your sneaky little pores at bay.

Skincare before makeup.


If you want your highlight and contour to sit perfectly on your skin, you better prepare. Dermatologists and beauty gurus alike are saying it is just as important to have a skincare routine before you put on makeup as well as after. Even when your walking around all naked faced and makeupless like a crazy person the toxins in the air and on things that come in contact with your face can make them pores weep again. A new trend going around now is to do a mask before you apply your makeup, this saves you from having to go through an entire skin care routine, and gives you time to figure out how to attach your crazy new falsies to your eyeballs.

Primer is a major key! (sorry)


By now a lot of us know the importance of primer if you want that foundation to sit right and those pores to be tight. Primer gives our makeup a great surface to adhere to and protects it from our skins natural sweat and oil, but it can also be a sneaky little deliverer of some skincare goodies. So many brands are packing their primers with things like rose, grapeseed extract, and sunflower oil that have different effects on your skin like keeping it supple, oil controlled, moisturized, and soothed. It's important to pick the primer with the perfect ingredients for your skin type, and believe me it exists and is looking for you too!....well maybe not literally....

Grease the pan before you bake!


if you imagine your skin slowly shriveling up and dying under your bake, turns out that fear is well placed! Many loose powders used for baking are made using corn or rice starch, these ingredients aren't ideal for your skin and can cause, dry skin, acne, and even infections. These side effects often occur because starches dry up the natural oils in your skin that keep it moisturized, and it's powdery consistency can easily settle into pores. in order to protect your skin and even increase it's health, be sure to use a moisturizer or serum on the places you plan on using loose powder.

Detoxify dat ass


If your anything like me when you here the word "detoxify" you most likely imagine yourself gasping for air on a treadmill while Jillian Michaels tells you to "do the work," or have envisioned clipart of women splashing water on there faces while smiling. Do not fret! Detoxifying can be as simple as drinking more water, using green products, or just steaming your face before bed. Whatever your methods, making sure your entire body is clean and healthy will be making sure your face is clean and healthy and ready for Instagram's next beauty trend!

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