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    Rat Owners Are Tired Of Hearing These 19 Questions So Listen Up, You Ratless Boobs

    You're a rat. And that's not an insult.

    1. "Do rats feel love?"

    Yes. Yes, they do.

    2. "Do rats carry diseases?"

    Yes, but you can give them vaccinations.

    3. "Are rats smart?"

    Yes, they can be very smart if you train them.

    4. "What do rats eat?"

    Bugs, fruits, and vegetables. Basically anything they can find.

    5. "How long do rats live?"

    About two to three years.

    6. "Do they escape their cage?"


    If you're not careful, yes.

    7. "How long can rats live without water?"

    Three to six days.

    (Obviously, don't deny your rat water.)

    8. "Are rats cuddly?"

    Yes. They're little cuddle bugs. Or cuddle rodents, rather.

    9. "Can rats be potty trained?"


    You betcha!

    10. "Why do rats lick you?"

    To show love or because you have something tasty on your fingers!

    (Yes, we know it's a bat. It's cute. Get over it.)

    11. "Do rats have feelings?"

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    Yea! And you better not hurt them!

    12. "Do rats like baths?"

    Not really.

    13. "Can you get rabies from a rat?"

    Not unless it has rabies and bites you.

    14. "Will your cat kill your rat?"

    Not if you're in the room and watching them.

    15. "Do rats poop everywhere?"

    Not if you train them.

    16. "Can they eat/dig through your walls?"

    Yes, they can. We advise against letting them though.

    17. "Can you have multiple rats, or will they fight?"

    They won't fight.

    18. "How much does a rat cost?"

    Usually around $10-$20.

    19. "Can rats control you via pulling on your hair à la Ratatouille?"


    No. Shut up.