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    • Kalani7

      Depends on how young or old you are. I worked downtown (actually, no I’m not a hooker or drug dealer) for awhile and loved it but didn’t love the lack of public transportation. I lived near 16 mile and it took forever to get home. I grew up listening to Motown music (no mention of that in this article, very strange!). Also in high school we didn’t hang out at Malls, me and my friends would go to “the island” (Belle Isle) on a Friday or Saturday night and just “party”. And yes I used to go downtown all the time for the Ethnic Festivals (back in the 80’s, and late 70’s). So depending on how old or young you are, this article is relevant. I don’t find it very relevant to how I grew up in Detroit, near 8 mile and Van Dyke. I think it’s a rather useless article and the spelling is horrible.

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