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    5 Animes That Didn't Get A Proper Ending To Their Series

    No Game No Life deserved better.

    There are many animes out there that are ongoing based on their manga counterparts. Manga is the written material that usually shapes the stories of most animes before they broadcast, so if you want the original content before your average anime watcher, then the manga is definitely for you. But animes don't always keep up with the manga for various reasons, let alone stay true to the manga 100% of the time. So, in my opinion, here are five animes that weren't given a proper ending.

    5. Seraph of the End

    The cover of the anime Seraph of the End
    Wit Studio / Via

    Seraph of the End has two seasons that were overall successful, but the third season was cancelled due to the splitting partnership between Funimation and Crunchyroll back in 2018. Instead of saying that it would be delayed, it was cancelled because the future of the anime's ownership was undecided, but recent news tells us that the third should be expected soon enough.

    4. Gangsta

    The cover of the anime Gangsta
    Amazon/Funimation / Via

    This is an anime that was not well received by the public and continues to go under the radar of most even among the anime community. Due to lack of positive reception from the community, not for being a bad anime itself, but for being unknown to the masses, a season two was never greenlit by its animation studio, making it end on one of the most excruciating cliffhangers an anime can have at the end of a season.

    3. No Game No Life

    two characters from no game no life

    This anime was very well-received overall and some of those involved in its production even hinted at a second season after the first season's ending in 2014. But instead, a movie was released in 2017 called No Game No Life Zero, serving as a prequel to the anime. There still has yet to be any word of a Season 2 release since then.

    2. Deadman Wonderland

    A feature cover of the two main protagonist of the story.

    It is unlikely that this anime will receive a Season 2 despite the popular demand after the ending of Season 1 because of how far it has strayed from its original source, the manga. Though, it's still possible it could be picked up from a studio again in the future to continue the anime for at least another season.

    1. And Hunter X Hunter 2011

    a group of characters from the show standing in a forest
    Nippon TV/Madhouse

    After the release of the original anime Hunter x Hunter 1999 in 2011 with a brand-new animation style and added content from the manga, it still does not completely catch up to all the contents of the manga. After being on a 7-year hiatus with the last anime episode released on September 24th, 2014 in Japan and later the rest of the world. There has been no official word from the creator or animation studio about Season 7's release, but demand remains high — even after years of no story progression.

    Are there any other animes that deserved more than they ended on? Let me know in the comments below.

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