Miley Stewart Had 7 Love Interests During "Hannah Montana" And Here's A Definitive Ranking Of Them

    He could be the one...or not.

    7. Austin Rain

    Miley Stewart sits on the floor next to Austin Rain who looks scared

    6. Derek Hanson

    Miley Stewart sits on the floor next to Derek Hanson who looks scared

    5. Jesse McCartney

    Hannah Montana smiles at Jesse McCartney as he looks up

    4. Jake Ryan

    A close up of Miley Stewart and Jake Ryan as they hug

    3. Johnny Collins

    Johnny Collins wears a plain t-shirt under a track suit jacket

    2. Jesse (The Rockstar)

    Hannah Montana sings while Jesse plays the piano

    1. And finally, Travis Brody

    Travis Brody puts a cowboy on Miley Stewart's head while they're in a horse stable

    Do you agree with this ranking? Let me know in the comments!