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11 Reasons Why Middle Schoolers Are Whacked.

Adolescents are a hot mess, let's review the ways...

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1. Middle schoolers aren’t ready to be independent, but definitely don’t want to admit how dependent they are.

2. They’re like lost little puppies walking around in circles, unsure of where to go.

3. Absolutely NO inner chill.

Let me just scream for no reason.

4. Hearing hasn’t fully developed yet.

Hey, everyone stop talking! **Keeps Talking**

5. Invincibility.

Let me just run into this wall, it’ll be fine.

6. Eye rolls and under the breath remarks that the teachers obviously don’t hear.

7. Everything is stupid.

"This book is so stupid"

"This lunch is so stupid"

"Yo, science is so stupid"

"You’re so stupid"

"I’m so stupid"

"Dogs are stupid."

8. Lots and lots of body odor.

"What’s deodorant? Sounds stupid."

"Wait you shower? Dude, that’s so stupid."

9. Their brains are ridiculously hormonal, they don’t even know what to do with themselves.

10. Biggest mix of maturity levels ever.

We’re talking the Elf on the Shelf believers to the Sex-Ed naturals

11. Today’s adolescents are way cooler than we used to be thanks to social media, which is life.

Mini Kylie Jenner's everywhere you turn and dudes with nicer shoes than me.

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