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Which Are Cuter, Puppies Or Babies?

The age-old debate ends today... Which species reigns supreme? Share your thoughts/cute puppies/cute babies below!

Babies and Puppies have lived harmoniously for decades...

But who will win in the cuteness showdown of the century: Babies? Or Puppies?

First up... TEAM PUPPIES!

Why are puppies cuter than babies, you ask?

They're fluffy, docile, handheld newborns

They're always down to play a little

They're great help around the house...

...and in the kitchen.

Specialty in burritos.

They only act up in self-defense...

... "self-defense" ...

... "self-defense" ...?

Okay, pups. You've made your point.

They have a great human-like sense of humor

They also wax a fabulous set of eyebrows

They're not afraid to display their talents

And they're certainly not afraid to be themselves.

So, at the end of the day...

Won't you please choose Team Puppies?

....or else.

Next up... TEAM BABIES!

So, why are babies in fact cuter than puppies?

Adventure is their middle name.

They double as Super Sayans...

...And they also double as spies.

But seriously. They do.

They even double as puppies sometimes...?

They're hygienic...

Not to mention, resourceful...

...And are hardly picky.

Really, they'll eat anything!


They've got the moves like Jagger

They're very easily pleased...

...each with a distinct personality of their own...

...but so much love to give.

So, please, won't you choose Team Babies?

Perhaps puppies and babies are best when they're together...

...but the rivalry will always remain., are you Team Babies or Team Puppies?