UPDATED: The Royal Baby Will Look Like This (GIFs)

The Royal Baby countdown is on — Hold on to your derby hats and crumpets. With only a few short days until the birth of the Royal Baby, forensic-generated images show a few ways the Royal Baby could pop out. Girl or boy? Which image looks closest to your idea of the Royal Baby? Share below!

1. In a few fateful days, something magical will happen.

2. Contain yourselves…

4. …try to keep it together…

6. …BUT, the big news is…


9. Even BABIES are celebrating this royal arrival.

10. Like, seriously.

11. This is a big, baby deal.

12. We know Prince William and Princess Kate were adorable tykes…

13. …so this baby’s got some good genes.

14. How will the Royal Baby fare, you ask?

According to forensic images, we have a few options.

16. Will it be a boy or girl?

17. Who thinks he’s a BOY?

18. He could look like this.

21. If he gets into a bottle of Spike Gel.

22. Or, will it be a GIRL?

23. Potentially, she’ll look like this.

26. Perhaps even a boy-girl morphling.

28. And apparently — Royal Babies have to grow up.

30. Experts say (s)he could look like this.

33. But whatever this Royal Baby is…

34. …whatever (s)he looks like…

39. Bring on the Royal Baby!

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