41 Things You Might Not Know About "One Tree Hill"

Including why it’s called One Tree Hill

1. The show was named after a U2 song titled, “One Tree Hill,” which is about a landmark in New Zealand.

2. It was originally intended to be a feature length film with the title, “Ravens.”

3. The show was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina.

4. Wilmington renamed a city street to “One Tree Hill Way.”

Via Kaitlynn Knopp

5. Chad Michael Murray was the first person cast for the show, but the creator originally wanted him to play Nathan.

6. James Lafferty got the role of Nathan because of his basketball ability.

7. Meanwhile, Chad Michael Murray had never played basketball before the show, so they had to hire a basketball coach for him.

8. The bridge featured in the opening sequence doesn’t actually cross the river to the river court.

The bridge that DOES cross the river is a highway, so it would’ve been difficult to film on.

9. Since the show has finished filming, the river court has been removed.

10. Most of the show’s episodes are titles of songs, bands or albums.

Via Netflix

11. The gym where the Ravens played basketball is the same gym where Michael Jordan played high school basketball.

12. Peyton and Haley’s houses are actually next door to each other.

Via Google Maps

13. When characters were on top of Karen’s Café, they weren’t actually on top of Karen’s Café. These scenes were filmed on a rooftop a few streets over.

14. Brooke was the only character to appear in every episode since her introduction.

She was also the character who appeared in the most episodes.

15. Lucas got the tattoo of a Chinese symbol on his arm to cover up the tattoo Chad Michael Murray has of his initials.

16. Bevin is actually smart.

She was Excelsus Laureate at Savannah College of Art and Design.

17. Antwon Tanner didn’t know Lucas and Nathan were brothers until the show premiered.

When he got the script, he only read his lines.

18. Lee Norris also played Stuart Minkus in Boy Meets World.

19. Bethany Joy Lenz was on a soap opera.

20. Stephen Colletti got his start on Laguna Beach.

21. Peyton actually had two Comets.

22. Nathan’s nipple ring had to be glued on because James Lafferty didn’t actually have the piercing.

23. When Peyton got drugged at a Duke party and sat on the outside steps with Brooke, they were actually at the court house.

Kaitlynn Knopp

This building, located on the other side of the Cape Fear River, is seen in the background of almost every river court scene.

24. The boat Nathan and Chris went riverboat gambling on is a real tour boat in the city of Wilmington.

Via Kaitlynn Knopp

25. Jackson Brundage had to wear fake teeth while filming because his two front teeth were coming in, and the character he plays is younger than he is—too young to be missing his teeth.

26. Lucas shares the same initials as his former fiancé Lindsey.


27. Haley is not shown driving a car until season 5.

Via Netflix

28. When Peyton goes to visit her old house in season 5, it’s actually a different house.

Via Netflix

Sure is a good look-a-like though, right?

29. Chad Michael Murray’s dog made an appearance in the show.

30. Jamie’s boy bunny named Chester is actually a girl bunny named Cupcake.

31. Max, the record store owner, was played by Mark Schwahn, who was the show’s creator, head writer and executive producer.

32. Chad Michael Murray wrote the eleventh episode of the sixth season, titled, “We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me).”

It was the 40s episode.

33. Bethany Joy Lenz was actually pregnant during the filming of season 8.

34. Alex has never met Dan, Whitey, Lucas, Peyton, Rachel, Keith, Deb or Karen.

I’d be sad, too.

35. Jude and Davis are the only children of a main character whose middle names are unknown.

Also, Davis is the third child to follow the Tree Hill tradition of naming a first-born child with their mother’s maiden name. The first being James “Jamie” Scott and the second being Sawyer Scott.

36. Dan is only character to have an episode named after him.

Via Netflix

37. Thanks to a swear jar on set, Jackson Brundage has a college fund. Cast members had to pay him $20 every time they cursed in front of him.

Chad Michael Murray once owed him $100 after one rehearsal and Mark Schwahn has had to stop in the middle of a speech to pay him.

38. Sophia Bush has dated three of the show’s main characters: Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty and Austin Nichols.

She’s also been with all of them in the show.

39. Chad Michael Murray is engaged to Kenzie Dalton, a former cheerleader extra on the show.

40. Lisa Goldstein is married to One Tree Hill’s sports coordinator.

They met on set.

41. 1.42 million people watched the series finale live, which means 1.42 million people loved the show as much as you did.

(This information has been gathered from various websites, YouTube videos, commentary on the DVDs, and a personal trip to Wilmington where the show was filmed.)

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