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41 Things You Might Not Know About "One Tree Hill"

Including why it's called One Tree Hill...

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23. When Peyton got drugged at a Duke party and sat on the outside steps with Brooke, they were actually at the court house.

Kaitlynn Knopp

This building, located on the other side of the Cape Fear River, is seen in the background of almost every river court scene.

35. Jude and Davis are the only children of a main character whose middle names are unknown.

Also, Davis is the third child to follow the Tree Hill tradition of naming a first-born child with their mother's maiden name. The first being James "Jamie" Scott and the second being Sawyer Scott.

37. Thanks to a swear jar on set, Jackson Brundage has a college fund. Cast members had to pay him $20 every time they cursed in front of him.

Chad Michael Murray once owed him $100 after one rehearsal and Mark Schwahn has had to stop in the middle of a speech to pay him.

41. 1.42 million people watched the series finale live, which means 1.42 million people loved the show as much as you did.

(This information has been gathered from various websites, YouTube videos, commentary on the DVDs, and a personal trip to Wilmington where the show was filmed.)

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