41 Laughs We Got From "The Big Bang Theory"

Whether it was a “high-pitched, irritating laugh” or a “throaty chuckle,” we laughed nonetheless.

1. Every “bazinga,” especially this one…

3. When Leonard went to a football game

4. … and when Sheldon tried to play basketball.

5. Howard driving Sheldon around on his scooter

11. When Sheldon doesn’t understand sarcasm

13. Sheldon’s cat collection

(I was going to name him Herman von Helmholtz, but he’s so zazzy.)

14. Leonard sharing his beliefs

18. The way Leonard asks Leslie out on a date

19. Every single time Sheldon knocks

20. Bernadette as Cinderella

22. When Howard tried to break a door down

23. The Halloween-episode pranks

24. The morning after Sheldon’s speech

27. Sheldon trying to start a fist fight

28. When Raj gets emotional

29. This “your mother” joke

31. When Sheldon tried to scare a bird off the window ledge

32. The way these two celebrated Valentine’s Day

34. Sheldon in the airport parking lot

35. The episodes of “Fun with Flags”

37. Learning about “friends with benefits”

39. Amy and Sheldon’s hobbies

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