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    28 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Chicago PD"

    That is, if you aren't already obsessed with it.

    1. The show is centered around the lives of those in the Chicago PD.

    2. And the stars did a lot of training with the REAL Chicago PD to make their portrayals believable.


    3. All of the cops seem to be friends.

    4. They back each other up.

    5. And they love the city they protect.

    6. Some go undercover.

    7. Some have sniper skills.

    8. Some have a past that haunts them.

    9. And others can't handle their tempers.

    10. There's blood.

    11. Sweat.

    12. And tears.

    13. They have the best takedown words.

    14. They have the best takedown skills.

    NBC / Via

    15. And they have the coolest gadgets.

    16. Every episode starts with a bang.

    17. And one episode ends with a funeral.

    18. They keep it real in the interrogation room.

    19. And even more real in the holding cell.

    20. There are weird calls.

    21. And intense calls.

    22. There's some gentle comedy.


    23. And some important questions.

    24. There's a budding romance.

    NBC / Via

    Or at least, what we're led to believe is a budding romance.

    25. There's a potential break up.

    26. And there's true love.

    27. There are crossovers. Characters from "Chicago Fire" sometimes appear in the show.

    28. And most importantly, there's a combined total of 20.33 million views for just the first three episodes.

    NBC / Via

    In conclusion: YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING!

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