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22 Reasons Why You Still Miss "One Tree Hill"

If missing it is wrong, I don't want to be right.

1. It's been far too long since you saw B. Davis deliver some sass.

2. You haven't tried (and failed) to hit the high notes in a new Haley James Scott song lately.

3. Lucas Scott doesn't narrate your life.

4. You don't have a Clothes Over Bro's in your mall.

5. Or a Karen's Cafe on your street corner.

6. The NBA isn't cool without Nathan Scott.

7. No one high fives you like Julian.

8. Mouth hasn't announced anything in years.

9. You still want to read Lucas' books.

10. Surprisingly, you miss Chris Keller.

11. You relate to this friendship way too much.

12. You haven't been inspired by Peyton's drawings in far too long.

13. You're missing all of Jamie's high school years.

14. And your favorite Tree Hill babies are growing up without you.

15. You hardly ever think about bunnies anymore.

16. You haven't watched Chase serve a terrible drink in ages.

17. You still aren't ready for a world without Dan Scott.

18. You have no idea what Quinn and Clay are up to.

19. You still get goosebumps when you hear "I Don't Want To Be."

20. You still don't have friends like this.

21. Or a love like this.

22. And finally, because you know you left your heart in Tree Hill.

So in conclusion: