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    17 Gifts For The Social Media Addict In Your Life

    Shop, tweet, repeat.

    1. Social Media T-Shirt

    For the ultimate social media guru. ($24)

    2. Hashtag Necklace

    For the person who keeps their hashtags close to their heart. ($22)

    3. "Like" T-Shirt

    For the one who really "likes" social media. ($28.15)

    4. Hashtag Cookie Cutters

    For when someone needs a sweet treat to "share." ($10)

    5. @ Cufflinks

    For the person who wears their handle on their sleeve. ($195)

    6. Instagram T-Shirt

    For the one who believes an Insta a day keeps the doctor away. ($24.95)

    7. Status Update Sticky Note

    For the chronic Facebooker. ($5.24)

    8. Instagram Mug

    For the one you really, really "like." ($10)

    9. @ T-Shirt

    For the one who's Twitter famous. ($24)

    10. Social Media Rolling Pin

    For rolling out their big ideas. ($24.50)

    11. Pinterest T-Shirt

    For the one who knows everything about pinning. ($25.95)

    12. "Like" and "Dislike" Stamps

    For a real-life "dislike" button. ($9.95)

    13. Social Media Icon T-Shirt

    For the one who has a presence everywhere โ€” even if it lasts only 10 seconds. ($20.49)

    14. Twitterature

    For Hamlet and Harry Potter in 140 characters or fewer. ($10.15)

    15. The Golden Rule T-Shirt

    For the rule follower. ($24)

    16. Hashtag Candy Dish

    For simultaneous eating and tweeting. ($9.99)

    17. Instagram Purse

    For carrying their camera everywhere they go. ($33+)

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