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16 Inconsistencies In "Boy Meets World"

Boy Meets World is one of the most iconic TV shows of our generation...despite everything you see below.

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4. And what about Topanga's sister, Nebula Stop The War Lawrence?

She came to pick Topanga up from the Matthews' house one day and was never heard from again. Why did these three siblings just disappear?

7. Cory's explanation of when he fell in love with Topanga changes from when she kissed him against his locker, to when they were catching fireflies as kids, to when they were playing at a playground as toddlers.

8. Willie Garson plays three different characters: assistant manager Leonard Spinelli; Mervyn, a guy who works for Merrill Lynch and applies for a job at the Matthews’ store; and the minister who marries Cory and Topanga.

10. And how did he age so much in just one year?

Joshua was born in "My Baby Valentine," but he is at least 3 years old when he appears slightly over a year later in "Brave New World."

16. In Feeny's futuristic retirement party episode, Cory and Topanga have a daughter named Beverly Glen. However, in Girl Meets World, their daughter's name is Riley.

But...despite all of these problems with continuity, the show crept its way into our hearts, and that's where it lives now.

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