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14 Struggles All Seasonal Allergy Sufferers Know To Be True

Allergies are just the bee's knees. Not.

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We all know that fall is the best time of the year, right?


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Here's a few reasons why fall is the worst:

1. You know allergy season is here.

2. All of a sudden you're just...itchy.

3. You're dying inside when you have pollen everywhere.

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4. The "rub-my-temples-til-i pass-out-from-pain" headaches.


So much pressure. So little happiness.

5. Drinking so much liquid so your throat/tongue doesn't catch on fire.

6. Taking meds daily so you can LIVE. YOUR. LIFE.

7. And then freaking out cause it says 24 hours and you don't want to OD.

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8. Knowing you're gonna end up looking like Hitch if you don't.

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^Your WORST nightmare

9. Adding Nasacort to the routine cause your allergies are so advanced that 24 hr Allegra D just doesn't cut it.

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10. People getting mad at you for sneezing more than 3 times.

11. Wishing you could just wear sunglasses all day to hide your red eyes.

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12. People telling you "Gosh you look tired."

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13. Trying to tell your friends you'd rather stay in than go on a hayride, cause well, you'd die.

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14. And then watching your friends frolic around in leaves and shit.

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It's a struggle, but winter is more your style anyway.

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