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21 Gifts Your Parents Will Actually Want This Holiday

Pet rocks and homemade coupon books were cute before you had a driver's license. Now? Now, it's just sad.

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Here are some great gift ideas for the Gardener, The Techie, The Artsy Fartsy, and the Super-Mom:

1. Terrariums

Terrain / Via

Does she have a green thumb but it's the middle of winter and she's over Evergreens? Find a great terrarium set. All sorts of plants can grow inside terrariums, and she can bring it to work, keep it at home, or maybe start that green house she's always wanted!

2. Windows at Berdoff Goodman

Perseus Distribution Services / Via

When you're shopping, do your parents linger around the displays or just generally have more interest in visual things? This book is super expen$ive but for the creative mind in your family, it's a very thoughtful, interesting gift.

6. Define Bottle

Carter Kostler / Via

Is your mom trying to be super health conscious or say that the family should be drinking more water? Well now she can make it her New Year's Resolution and drink more water in the process! This "odorless, tasteless and stain resistant" plastic bottle lets mom infuse her favorite flavors into her water. Cost efficient, and she'll never need to go to the vending machine for a soda ever again!*

*I cannot tell the future so this may be techincally untrue.

7. Aroma Therapy Shower Kit

Uncommon Goods / Via

My mom's a special needs teacher 5 years away from retiring sooo, one could say she gets stressed! Anything that can make her feel like she's in a spa everyday is something that can instantly turn her day around and keep her from strangling, uh, I mean... getting too stressed, gets a +1.


And now for the man of few words, and even fewer gift ideas.

9. Ballpark Seat Pen

Uncommon Goods / Via

Really impress dad this holiday by snagging him this pen made of reclaimed wood from seats at his favorite ball park! It's actually wicked touching and he may even share a great dad story (or 7) from when he was at the park.

Options include: Busch, Comiskey, Crosley, Dodger, Ebbets, Fenway (<3), Forbes, Polo, RFK, Seals, Shibe, Tiger, Wrigley, and Yankee.

10. Face Mug

Uncommon Goods / Via

Alright, I don't know about you, but my dad loves to eat in front of the TV. My mom? Not a fan. But with this handy AF mug, The Dude can have his cookies, and and eat them too! Say it with me now "NO MORE CRUMBS! NO MORE CRUMBS!"

11. WANT Les Essentiel de la Vie 'Pearson' Passport Case

Nordstrom / Via

If your dad is a dad who has a family, but the man also travels a ton, he probably overlooks the finer things because he's trying to make life more efficient for him to spend time with you (good daddy). Something simple like a nice passport case can show him that he deserves nice things too! *awww*

12. Magnetic Desk Organizer And Charging Station

Personal Creations / Via

Yo. How messy is your dad though? On a scale of 1 to I've-lost-every-thing-I-own, my dad is, up there. So a desk organizer, with a phone charger, and file thingys, keeps all of his stuff in one place! He may "have a system" but we all know that is a cry for help.

13. R2D2 Money Clip

Lucas Film / Via

I ask this with love: How big of a geek is your dad? Did he go to college when the first Star Wars came out and tried to name you guys Luke, Leia, and your dog R2D2? Well now you can indulge his obsession, in a way that may be more socially acceptable. This super cool money clip will indulge all of his inner-geek.

14. Welsh Tapestry Men’s Slippers

Terrain / Via

Is your dad a more sit-by-the-fire-with-wire-spectacles-hanging-off-his-nose kind of guy? Well, these comfy, high quality, slippies from Terrain will keep dad's feet toasty while lounging around in his checkered floor-length bathrobe, next to a crackling fire. *Cue allllllll the hot chocolate*


These things just rock, no matter which parent you buy for.

16. Moji 360 Foot Massager


Let's face it. Parents get old. And old comes with aches and pains. This foot massaging contraption can give their tired, geriatric AF feet a comforting foot treatment. And it comes with no slip grip, good.. because... that matters with old people...

17. Hand-Stitched Leather Journal

Terrain / Via

Sometimes you just have to write things down. Maybe they need to remember something at the store, or maybe they just want to get some stuff off their chest (parents need outlets too). This journal is a great way to give them a quality gift that can help improve writing, sketching, or old-person memory needs.

18. Runtastic Orbit Activity Monitor

Runtastic / Via

Help mom or dad stay active! It sounds overrated, but it's really not. And I'll tell you why: you want your parents around for the long haul right? So helping them stay active will guarantee this. The reason you should get it for them is because they are probably worried about you being healthy and it's time to return the favor. *Leaves and hugs mom and dad real quick*

19. Coffee of the Month Club


How do your parents function day to day? One word: COFFEEEEEEJSDHF. What would be cooler than giving your parents a years worth of coffee on you? Every time they take a sip of their monthly crack subscription, they'll think of you!

Not a coffee lover? (same) They have monthly clubs for pretty much anything you can think of: Jelly, Hot Sauce, Steaks, Bon-Bons etc!

20. Massage/Spa Package

Oasis Massage / Via

I certainly cannot imagine my mom or dad ass naked getting a massage but hell, everyone needs to relax now and again. They have massages for certain trigger points, old sports injuries, even if you suffer from TMJ or jaw pain, they can fix you! Never under estimate how much happier mom or dad would be with a great spa day.

21. Me Without You Books

Chronicle Books LLC / Via

Okay so this last one is just a totally sentimental gift that they can actually carry around anywhere, and know that you love them so much. I bought one of these books for my mom, dad, and best friend because it just gives me so many feels when I see them reading it.

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