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13 Things Sales Associates Absolutely Hate Hearing

Just so you know.

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1. "I see that this sale item is ripped/broken/torn to shreds. How much of a discount do I get?"

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Girl, why do you think it's on SALE?

2. "Oh! What time do you close?"

3. "And how's your day going?"


Actually my feet kill and that sweater you're holding? I've hung it up 50 times in one hour.

4. "I left all the clothes I tried on on top of another pile of clothes/ on that chair/ somewhere they are not supposed to be."

TBS / Via

Simply, thank you. No one else is following the posted Dressing Room rules, why should you?

5. "Oh... You don't look like you work here."

Comedy Central / Via


6. *Sees customer mess up rack immediately after finger spacing it*

Fox Sports / Via

I've been physically close to doing this.

7. "You work here right? Can you start me a fitting room?"

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

I mean...... don't you wanna look around a little more?

8. "Just to let you know, my kid just dropped their cheerios/ juice/ gum all over the floor.

Nickelodeon / Via

Sorry? Do I look like a maid?

9. "Can you go down to back stock and check to see if you have this size?"

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10. "Why are the clothes so ugly this season?"

Universal Pictures / Via

I couldn't tell ya. I don't make the clothes, and I hardly sell them.

11. "I used to have a retail job a lot like yours..."

Oh... let me stop you right there, so you can answer this one question: How many fucks does it look like I give?

12. "It's their job to clean up after us."

Fox / Via

Do. Not. Engage.

13. "You must love your job."

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