25 Things Only Theatre Kids Will Understand

Seriously, mom, I need to get into the city this weekend. Do you know who’s playing Crutchie on Saturday?

25. Your entire wardrobe is 75% cast t-shirts.

And you’re subsequently used to people walking behind you and asking if they can “find your name”.

Get this shirt, here.

24. Your “small playbill collection” looks a little something like this:

And you’re not ashamed.

23. You’re waiting for a cast list to come out and people ask why you’re so quiet.

Nickelodeon / Via giphy.com

“Why are you so quiet today?”

22. You think that Broadway Flea Market > Christmas

Marlon E / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: sjsharktank

But you are NOT waiting in that Autograph Line… even if Bernadette Peters and Jeremy Jordan are signing together in the same hour like they were last year.

21. Somebody around you was talking about a musical, and you kinda just-

Nickelodeon / Via rebloggy.com

20. This twitter account has made you scream on more than one occasion.

J Michael Zygo (@JMichaelZygo) will be on as Guy in @OnceMusical again tonight, May 31st!

— Bway Understudies (@understudies)

Follow them for more perfect, wonderful, tweets that will either make your day or ruin it (depending on which of your favorite understudies will be in which roles and whether or not you’ll be there to witness it)

19. You know an impressive variety of historical facts solely because of musicals.

Lakeshore Entertainment / Dreamworks / Via gifboom.com

Thanks to musicals, you dominate your History class with your extensive knowledge on ancient egypt, the civil rights movement, at least 3 wars and a newsboy strike.

18. And a bit about law, too.


Malum in se (mahl-um in say) adv: An act that is evil in itself- assault, murder, white shoes after labor day.

17. This is your reaction to every new Newsies cast replacement.

Let’s face it- Twitter was a MESS when Adam Kaplan joined the show.

16. This video makes you laugh for more than 30 seconds, and you have to watch it more than once.

Rob Manion / Via youtube.com


15. You watch old show DVDs like this:

StarKid Productions / Via gifmeallyourlove.tumblr.com

Bonus points if you can still remember which exact performance it was and what memories were being made backstage before a scene began.

14. This is how you feel when find an upcoming audition near your town online.

You knew joining all 4 of those Facebook groups would pay off some day!

13. This is you when someone asks how many times you’ve seen your favorite show.

BBC / Via giphy.com

Or maybe 58? I’m not sure. Wait, do DVD pro-shots count?

12. Your Facebook/Twitter profile pic has been a photo of you with an actor at stagedoor.

And why shouldn’t it be? It’s not like you WAITED HOURS FOR THAT PIC WITH IDINA MENZEL or anything…

11. Throat coat is your preferred beverage.

Screen Gems / Via weknowmemes.com

It was weird at first, but now, with a little bit of sugar and a little bit of honey? Jesus take the wheel.

10. Your local diner is home to some of your best and weirdest memories.

Let’s just say waiters aren’t very happy people when you and a few people in matching shirts come in and ask for a table for about 30 or so people.

9. Your music library looks a lot like this.

And you’re completely #shameless over it.

8. You get what your friends say is “irrationally” excited for the Tonys.

Universal Pictures / Via giphy.com

It’s SO MUCH MORE than an awards show.

7. You count down the days until theater camp starting the day you get back from theater camp.

Is it too early to start packing my trunk?

6. You could go to Disney World just to see the shows in Hollywood Studios.

Nothing beats eating a Mickey Premium and watching Ariel or Belle completely #nailit before getting on Tower of Terror.

5. Almost nothing can stop you when you see show merch.

Nickelodeon / Via riggles323.tumblr.com

That little Broadway gift shop in Shubert Alley is the most dangerous place on earth.

4. You have a VERY strong opinion on bootlegs.

Whether you’re for or against, you could get in a seriously heated debate over it.

3. You and your high school directors are like this:

Especially when they’re teachers you see every day.

2. This is your immediate reaction when your teachers give you homework during tech week.

Hell is when tech week coincides with finals.

1. You realize that even though what you do is hard work, it’s totally worth it and you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

NBC / Via giphy.com

Being a theater kid isn’t easy, but it sure is fun. Now, put your phone away- 10 minutes to places!

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