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19 Common White Guy Photos On Tinder

I recently downloaded Tinder, Here are the photo trends I've noticed and what I assume these men are trying to communicate but choosing them. Keep in mind these are men in there early to mid 20's because this is the age range I search in. Green glasses or other silly stickers have been adorably added to help protect the Tinderer's identity.

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1. Shirtless for a Reason

This says to me "I want you to see how hot I am, but I don't want you to think I'm the kind of guy that takes shirtless mirror selfies." Kudos to you because I am indeed that shallow.

5. With Grandma or Mom

This say "I'm a family man and I have a good relationship with my parents/grandparents. Also, I might still be dependent on them" I would give this a right swipe, but I hope you have your own apartment.

6. With a baby

Is almost always captioned with "That's not my kid" This says "Look at how happy this baby is with me! I would make a great dad someday. I'm trying to appeal to your ovaries. People with ovaries love men with babies" In general we do. Not a great pic if you are looking for a casual fling though.

7. Fixing Something

I am assuming you are saying "I am manly because I can fix things, also take a look at my arm muscles" The feminist in me is saying "screw your traditional views of masculinity, women can do stuff too!" but the part of me that does not know anything about cars and that knows she is not built for heavy lifting is already in the kitchen baking a cake.

8. With a Dog

This says "I take care of animals and I have a soft side. Also, I enjoy taking walks outside" I'm all for dog pics as long as it doesn't dominate your pictures. I want to know you have good relationships with people too.

9. With a Cat

This says "I take care of animals and have a soft side, but I'm more artsy and less outdoorsy than the guy with a dog" I'm a dog person myself but this is certainly not a deal breaker picture.

11. Military or in Uniform

You are thinking "Ladies love a man in uniform" This is telling me that the military is a big part of your life and this is something to be aware of if you are hoping for a long term relationship. For the record, I am certainly not saying this is a bad thing and I support the troops.

12. Beer with the Guys

This says "I call my friends my bros, I do not discriminate against cheap beer. Also I have some maturing to do" I do discriminate against cheap beer and I will likely roll my eyes at a picture like this, but I will probably swipe right anyway.

13. I'm on a Boat!

"I'm not a boat! Also I have money/friends with money. I might be a tool" See also Shirtless for a Reason. I assume these guys want just a hookup, which is totally fine if that's what you want too.

14. With a pretty girl

You want me to know that you have interacted with girls IRL and they aren't repulsed by you. This a actually a little helpful considering they types of people you will find on the internet but this also could be saying "I'm a player"

Multiple themes in one photo

It is not uncommon to see these themes overlapped in photos. Here are some prime examples

Guys, I hope you have learned a bit about what your Tinder photos are communicating. Ladies, let me know of any other trends you notice in men's tinder photos. Remember that this article reflects my opinion and other people might think differently. Please don't hate me if you disagree.

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