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    Where Is The Cast Of "Single's Inferno" Now?

    Life post-Inferno has been chill for some and hectic for others.

    Single's Inferno released on Netflix in January 2022, and we may have watched it a few times just because we loved the cast so much.

    The cast of "Single's Inferno" sits around the fire pit

    Since becoming public figures, the cast of Inferno have dealt with their newfound fame in different ways.

    Let's start with Ji-yeon, the sweet and smart neuroscience student who stole Se-hoon's heart.

    She recently became the face of a beauty brand, be-wants.

    She's also been vlogging on YouTube, and her videos are adorable.

    Her latest video is a shopping vlog with her sister, Julie, who is so cute and likable, and brings out a different side of Ji-yeon — one that only a sister can.

    Ji-yeon poses and smiles behind masks with her sister at the mall

    Other recent uploads on her YouTube channel are makeup tutorials and shopping hauls + try-ons.

    Next, let's talk about Yea-won, the fitness model who won everyone over with her goofy personality.

    Our girl has been busy with her own YouTube channel, which is full of videos with workout tips (duh), vlogs, and outfit styling.

    But one particular video caught everyone's eye last month. A review of Single's Inferno featuring a very special guest: Cha Hyun-seung!

    Yea-won giggles and Hyun-seung smiles and laughs with her

    A lot of people, myself included, were rooting for them in Inferno. He seemed so smitten with her! But in the end, he chose Ji-a (who didn't choose him), and Yea-won chose Jun-sik.

    Yea-won smiles up at Hyun-seung, who says everyone has been asking him why he didn't pick her

    Yea-won has said that her and Jun-sik are still good friends, but not together. And the chemistry between her and Hyun-seung is undeniable, so maybe they'll date and get a spinoff?

    Yea-won smiles and claps while Hyun-seung smiles and points at her

    Jun-sik seems to be doing well himself, keeping up with his health food startup, Kamee, and modeling.

    What's most exciting is that he's been hanging with his castmates in recent months!

    How cute are they!

    He even did a video with Jin-taek on Jin-taek's YouTube channel, showing off a fun side to his personality that we didn't get to see much of on the show.

    Jin-taek says, "The first person I wanted to film was you, Jun-sik," as Jun-sik sits next to him

    Jin-taek has been busy with his tailor shop, Ascottage.

    But he's also had other castmates on his YouTube channel, including Si-hun!

    Jin-taek and Si-hun talk on a leather couch at Jin-taek's tailor shop

    Fans have speculated that he and So-yeon are still together, after realizing that separate Instagram posts from August 2021 show them playing tennis in the same place at the same time.

    Jin-taek and So-yeon stand together on the beach

    In a Q&A video, the stunning boxing gym owner revealed that she used to be a K-pop singer, but some fans had already discovered that on their own.

    So-yeon reacts to learning that fans discovered her K-pop singer history

    She's also had her Inferno bestie Yea-won on her YouTube channel, in a video where they did each other's makeup.

    Yea-won grins as So-yeon applies lipstick to her after making her look too pale

    Yea-won wasn't the only guest on her channel. Hyun-seung stopped by to film a "no strings attached" couple's workout video.

    So-yeon planks on Hyun-seung's back as he does a push-up

    When Hyun-seung isn't appearing in his castmates' videos, he's filming his own, vlogging about his life, dance career, and magazine photo shoots.

    Hyun-seung looks at the camera as he does a boxing photo shoot

    He's also had special guests on his channel, including Se-hoon. And they went to Paradise together!

    Se-hoon and Hyun-seung eat a feast in Paradise

    It also seems that he'll be releasing a capsule clothing collection soon, so make sure you're following him if you want to stay updated on the release!

    Speaking of Se-hoon, the chef who only had eyes for Ji-yeon says life has been hectic, according to an interview he did with media channel Gomong on YouTube.

    Se-hoon smiles in a dimly lit restaurant

    Also, when pressed on what watching the series back with his future children might look like, Se-hoon says he'd point to the screen and say, "There's Mom right there!"

    He also has a YouTube channel, where he's vlogged about his daily life, including his return to Paradise.

    Se-hoon orders room service on the phone

    Aside from his love life, Se-hoon has been busy launching a clothing brand, Studio Tedoh, as well as focusing on launching a second OnlyGo restaurant.

    His most recent Instagram post is a congratulatory post to Ji-yeon on becoming a spokesmodel, and he does look awfully cheerful to be supporting her.

    OK, it's true that Jun-sik posted something similar, but let me dream!

    Maybe even more surprising was Min-ji, the latecomer model/gamer who liked Se-hoon, also posting in support of Ji-yeon's new modeling job.

    In a Q&A on her YouTube channel, Min-ji even says they recently met up, with Hyeon-joong too, so it seems there's no bad blood between them, even though Min-ji was crushing on Se-hoon.

    A selfie taken by Ji-yeon with Hyeon-joong and Min-ji in the back doing peace signs

    She also says in the video that she had actually seen Se-hoon at his restaurant OnlyGo in the past and was charmed by how passionate he was. She says she regrets not mentioning that in the show, even if it wouldn't have changed anything.

    Min-ji says she wonders what would be different if she mentioned she'd seen Se-hoon

    Then there's fellow latecomer Su-min, who also like Se-hoon but ended up going for Si-hun.

    Like most of her castmates, she's launched a YouTube channel where she vlogs about her daily life, and we get to see more of her bubbly personality.

    Su-min laughs as her friends says, "You were nervous"

    She's also been doing some acting work, like this commercial for KBS Drama.

    Si-hun, who ignored Su-min's interest in him to pursue Ji-a, seems to be friends with Hyeon-joong despite losing the battle for Ji-a's heart to him.

    He's also spent time with Jun-sik recently. Good to see the boys have all kept in touch!

    Si-hun seems to be the only cast member without a YouTube channel, considering Hyeon-joong just launched one a couple of weeks ago.

    A recent video shows him meeting with Jun-sik and Jin-taek for a flower-arranging activity.

    Hyeon-joong, Jin-taek and Jun-sik clap in aprons with flowers before them

    The same video makes it seem that Hyeon-joong is now single, as Jin-taek asks him if he wants to date, and he says he does but no one has been calling him.

    Meanwhile, things have been quite different for the much adored Ji-a, who introduced herself as a popular YouTuber on the show.

    Ji-a wears pink and looks into the distance

    She's deleted most of her Instagram photos, only keeping up one photo of a handwritten letter, which serves as an apology to her fans for wearing fake designer clothes on Inferno.

    Yep, apparently that was a huge scandal. I mean, personally, I didn't think all of her stuff was real, but I also didn't think it was a big deal!

    ENG translations for Song Jia / Freezia apology video.

    @zifltr / Via Twitter: @ziafltr

    However, according to Korean American social media agency owner Courtney Park, who spoke with Buzzfeed News on the topic, there is a cultural difference at play in how Korean fans and international fans reacted to the so-called scandal.

    We're really hoping that Ji-a is able to rehabilitate her image and keep her spirits up in the wake of the backlash, which sadly resulted in death threats and verbal attacks on her family. She doesn't deserve that, and we hope she's doing OK.

    As of right now, there have been no announcements for a second season of Single's Inferno. Luckily, we can keep up with most of the first season's stars on socials.