These Are The Best TikToks From "The Ultimatum" Cast

    The good, the bad, and the ugly.

    It's safe to say that reality TV stars, especially these days, have a certain presence.

    So it's no surprise that the cast of The Ultimatum have been crushing it on TikTok.

    Rae is kind of the queen of TikTok in terms of the group.

    Here are some of our fav TikToks from cast members: reliving show drama, feeding into rumors, giving us BTS looks at filming, and just having fun!

    1. This one from Rae, featuring Jake, Shanique, and Randall, screaming about how stainless steel wine glasses give them PTSD.


    NOOOO 😭 ptsd 😂 tell me why we came to host a brunch and they brought these out @shanique @itsjakecunningham @Randall Griffin

    ♬ original sound - Nautica Saunders
    Yeah, the drinking on the show was a problem. But at least there weren't crazy continuity errors!

    2. Also, this one from Rae showing that not only can she handle the rude comments she's been seeing online, she can joke about them, too.


    you don’t have to date me so don’t worry about it 😭😂 pressed for what? #toxic #raeultimatum

    ♬ original sound - Arti$tTheMermaid

    3. This one calls back to an early episode and comment from Nathan; glad to see everyone can laugh about it now!


    #bigcheesecolby iykyk @Lauren Pounds @nathan.ruggles #ultimatum

    ♬ original sound - Rae

    4. Shanique can clearly laugh at herself, too:


    I’m clearly a joke. 🥲 Tune in 4/13/22 for The Decision, The Reunion, and of course… more tears. #TheUltimatum #UltimatumNetflix #YesIBeCrying #SensitiveGangsta

    ♬ original sound - alijahkai

    5. And we can also laugh at her, over on Rae's TikTok:


    enjoy this video of shanique and I drunk trying to order tacos at 3am. so glad I finally get to post these videos now ❤️😭 @shanique

    ♬ original sound - Rae

    6. It's great to see how much the cast seems to be able to joke on themselves and each other with no hard feelings.


    Wtf do you want me to do?! 🐶😂 @shanique @Randall Griffin #theultimatum #fyp #blueheeler #dogsofttiktok

    ♬ original sound - Douk's Mouna

    7. Love this one from April that reminds us that she takes her self love seriously:


    A reminder… “you look way too good” to be crying over him/her. 😂💗👏🏼 #theultimatum #ilookwaytoogood #fyp #fypシ

    ♬ Conceited (There's Something About Remy) - Remy Ma

    8. Randall is pretty great at TikTok, too, and he's been using it to show off a goofy side we didn't see much of on the show. Peep the flawless lip syncing on this one:


    I don’t wanna know. I’m just sayin 😅

    ♬ original sound - tuck

    9. And he's winning us over with this one showcasing his love for Shanique!

    10. This one is my favorite, though:

    11. This poorly edited one from Colby is unintentionally hilarious.

    12. I think Colby has just been having fun learning to edit TikToks in general...


    Went from this, to this pretty quick!@Netflix

    ♬ Boom Boom - CHYL

    13. This one from Zay raises some questions about what we learned in the reunion:

    14. This reality TV-star inception one is pretty meta:


    #duet with @iamnikkihall me in the middle of being a fan of them I see me in the back lol @djpaulyd #Theultimatum #teamzay

    ♬ finesse - .

    15. This one from Lauren shows us a BTS look at her experience with Nathan that proves that we didn't really see everything:


    Nathan and I had a very serious and committed relationship for 2.5 years (and lived together for a 1.5 years) before we filmed TheUltimatum. He had already told his parents that he was going to propose to me in 2021, whether it was on the show or not. What you saw on tv was the result of us seeing the toxicity in the experiment and deciding to leave. Going against the grain= punishment in our case. We’re very happy together and are normal people, you really don’t need to worry about us ❤️

    ♬ Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team) - Taking Back Sunday

    16. We'll end it on this one from Lauren, which is actually really sweet.


    In light of the negativity, here are some of my favorite things about each cast member 💚 #ultimatumnetflix #ultimatum #netflix #cast #fyp

    ♬ Good Day - Album Version - Greg Street

    If someone isn't here, it's cause they haven't made any TikToks yet, or at least none good enough to share (sorry, Jake).

    Which was your favorite? Who do you hope makes more TikToks in the future, and who do you hope will stop? Let us know in the comments!