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    Here Are 27 Hilarious Tweet Reactions To "Snowflake Mountain"

    People really didn't hold back!

    It seems there are only three ways to watch Netflix's survival-type reality show, Snowflake Mountain: hate-watch all the way through, love it from the beginning, or start out hate-watching but reluctantly grow to appreciate the cast and even root for them.

    Rae from Snowflake Mountain balances a crate on her head

    These reaction tweets are definitely a good summarization of these mixed feelings towards the show and its polarizing cast!

    Deandra and Rae from Snowflake Mountain walk through tall grass and cry


    Olivia: I’ve never been plopped in the middle of nowhere. Girl…you’re from Ohio. #SnowflakeMountain

    @AlbaNorthTweets / Via Twitter: @AlbaNorthTweets


    Them saying 50k is a lot of money… oh no honey, not in this economy. #SnowflakeMountain

    @zimme_shel / CBC / Via Twitter: @zimme_shel


    Everyone’s reaction whenever Solomon opens his mouth. #SnowflakeMountain

    @sihle_mgidi / Via Twitter: @sihle_mgidi


    New show idea: Let’s drop Joel, Matt and their friends in an inner-city and see how well they survive? #SnowflakeMountain

    @lisa_toes / Via Twitter: @lisa_toes


    This Snowflake Mountain show is pretending that this iPad mini glued to a Yeti cooler is a “mobile command center”

    @CHGRFF / Via Twitter: @CHGRFF


    Rae from Snowflake Mountain is my spirit animal @netflix

    @the_christineh / Via Twitter: @the_christineh


    Fascinated to see “Snowflake Mountain”, supposedly about “toughining up a spoiled generation” and realize it’s now about 30 something millennials calling 20-something Gen z the things they used to call us. The torch of “worst generation” has been passed, welcome to the suck gen z

    @tales_tomorrow / Via Twitter: @tales_tomorrow


    One thing I can say about Snowflake Mountain, is that I wanna be Cat’s friend. 🤩

    @_NicoleCoop / Netflix / Via Twitter: @_NicoleCoop


    I'm on episode 7 of Snowflake Mountain... I've laughed, I've cried (from laughing), I've cheered.

    @kimmie_c_ / Via Twitter: @kimmie_c_


    I’m sorry but Carl saying he knows his body then next thing you know he’s on the ground crying in pain took me tf out cuz boy you did all that and look ya knee gave out #SnowflakeMountain

    @ILYBrittnei / Via Twitter: @ILYBrittnei


    I really thought these were kids straight out of high school. These are 25+ year old adults that don’t want to work. I cannot #SnowflakeMountain

    @naturallystine / Amazon / Via Twitter: @naturallystine


    If I was Balenciaga I would send a cease and desist letter to Netflix. I wouldn't want my brand constantly plastered on someone as unlikable as Solomon. #SnowflakeMountain

    @Tricenews87 / Via Twitter: @Tricenews87


    Been watching #SnowflakeMountain and I’m not gonna lie - the funniest thing is how much like a real life “Total Drama” it is 🤣 (also on Netflix btw)

    @dr_fionac / Total Dramarama / Via Twitter: @dr_fionac


    Me watching Solomon and Deandra be dramatic, cry and complain. #SnowflakeMountain

    @likedbymany / Via Twitter: @likedbymany


    okay but why is Francesca from Snowflake Mountain just Dana from Zoey 101

    @Dani1818 / Netflix / Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @Dani1818


    watching snowflake mountain and i do Not like carl let ppl have emotions omg

    @iHeartJong / Via Twitter: @iHeartJong


    @JonelChrislee / Via Twitter: @JonelChrislee


    these men need to let devon breathe. she isnt into any of them 🤣🤣🤣 #SnowflakeMountain

    @zeokiezeokie / Via Twitter: @zeokiezeokie


    20 minutes through Snowflake Mountain and I already hate the hosts

    @agathasophieted / Via Twitter: @agathasophieted


    So I binge watched Snowflake Mountain and..... honestly very wholesome for reality tv

    @niiicoleslaw_ / Via Twitter: @niiicoleslaw_


    #SnowflakeMountain Give this guy his own show - hilarious 😂 Love Liam!

    @Yayatotwins14 / Via Twitter: @Yayatotwins14


    Deandra: i dont want to call anyone out by name Devon: its rude to not address it by name Deandra: ok Devon you only wash your dish then leave Devon: #SnowflakeMountain

    @AmandaRPI / Via Twitter: @AmandaRPI

    Randy even joined in on the fun!


    That helmet really did me no favors #SnowflakeMountain

    @randywentworth / Netflix / Via Twitter: @randywentworth7


    Me trying to read the signs Devon’s sending me as I hit on her #SnowflakeMountain

    @randywentworth / Via Twitter: @randywentworth7


    @randywentworth / Via Twitter: @randywentworth7


    “Randy she’s clearly not into you, DO NOT make a move on her” Me in the hot tub: #SnowflakeMountain

    @randywentworth / NPR / Via Twitter: @randywentworth7


    @randywentworth / Via Twitter: @randywentworth7

    Which tweet was your favorite? Did you hate watch or genuinely enjoy Snowflake Mountain? Let us know in the comments!