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    These 19 Apartment Hacks Will Upgrade Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

    These renter-friendly apartment hacks are a must!

    I know. Sometimes you don't really want to invest in an apartment because it's a temporary home.

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    But even if it's temporary, it's home for a while — and you should make it a happy space while you're there.

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    And you can do that — without breaking the bank either! We're here to help with some tips:

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    1. Peel and stick wallpaper is wonderful for updating small spaces or making accent walls.

    2. If you prefer to paint, you can usually score some great deals on paint if you check out the "oops" section at home improvement stores like Lowe's, where accidental mixes are heavily discounted!

    3. Another use for peel and stick wallpaper? Your outdated kitchen cabinets.

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    This before and after shows just how drastic the difference can be. You can get fun peel and stick wallpaper, faux wood, plain modern colors — the options are endless.

    4. Don't forget the counters, too! Contact paper can give you the updated kitchen you want on a budget. You can do any style you want: marble, terrazzo, or even fun styles.

    5. Replace the faucets in your kitchen and bathroom for something more sleek and modern!

    6. Update the hardware on any cabinets or doorknobs in your apartment for a huge change with minimal effort and cost.

    7. And while you're at it, add a peel and stick tile backsplash to complete the look.

    8. Add a fun, bright area rug to any room to change the look!

    9. Or layer neutral rugs for a chic, modern look.

    10. Get yourself some good window treatments. You won't regret it!

    11. Update your lighting fixtures!

    12. If replacing light fixtures is out of the question, adding lamps to offer accent lighting options makes a huge difference.

    13. Multifunctional fixtures are key for maximizing small spaces AND switching up your style.

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    Products like IKEA's floating LACK shelves are versatile, meaning you can use it in your closet, as a bookshelf, a perfume shelf, a plant stand, and so much more. If you get bored of how you're using it, switch it up for a refreshed look!

    14. The same goes for multifunctional furniture, which saves space and offers multiple uses.

    15. Make sure you have a space for everything to prevent clutter.

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    An apartment can get cluttered quickly if there's no organization. Storage furniture like repurposed lockers, console tables, and more can offer a statement piece, a surface to display art or plants, AND storage for things like extra wires, mail, etc.

    16. Add art to every room — yes, even your kitchen and bathroom!

    17. Painted headboards take up no space but elevate a bedroom so much!

    18. Statement furniture is a worthy investment, whether that's an investment of time scouring thrift shops and Facebook Marketplace or money!

    19. Use plants to brighten and liven up every room.

    What's your favorite apartment upgrade? Let us know in the comments!