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    "Single's Inferno" Season's Finale Is Shocking

    It's been a wild ride, up until the very last moments.

    Guys, we've made it to the finale of Single's Inferno.

    A promo poster for Single's Inferno featuring two women in bikinis and two men in swim shorts standing in the ocean

    Episode 7 left us with our jaws on the floor, when Ji-yeon finally decided to go to Paradise with Se-hoon.

    Ji-yeon holds an umbrella in the rain and says "I'd like to go Paradise with Moon Se-hoon"

    But it seems like they hit it off on their first trip to Paradise and are already getting comfortable with each other!

    Se-hoon and Ji-yeon walk holding umbrellas and say "let's eat a lot today"

    Se-hoon and Ji-yeon's happy coupling wasn't happy for everyone, though.

    Min-ji lays with Yea-won and says "to be honest, I wasn't feeling so good earlier"

    Since So-yeon was second runner up in the game last time, she got to choose next, and the boys seemed unclear on who she'd choose.

    But So-yeon was just playing games to keep the boys on their toes!

    So-yeon holds an umbrella and says "Cha Hyun-seung's neighbor, Oh Jin-taek"

    So that's three couples in Paradise for the last night: Su-min and Si-hun, Ji-yeon and Se-hoon, and So-yeon and Jin-taek. Si-hun is grateful to Su-min for choosing him to accompany her to Paradise because he was craving some good food.

    Si-hun laughs and says "seriously, my eyes are getting teary"

    So cute, in fact, that she's – you guessed it – a model!

    Su-min smiles angelically, posing for a photo, her voiceover says "I model mostly for beauty products like face washes"

    Si-hun questions Su-min as to why she asked him to come to Paradise, and her answer is simple.

    Su-min sips champagne and says, "I kept thinking about you"

    Elsewhere in Paradise, Jin-taek hasn't run out of pickup lines.

    And So-yeon touches Jin-taek's beard for the first time.

    But beard-touching isn't the only thing going down. Jin-taek won a game of bowling, and now he gets to make a wish. And he wants a kiss on the cheek.

    So-yeon kisses Jin-taek's cheek gently while his eyes are closed

    If you were hoping for something more risqué, maybe you appreciated the massages they gave each other.

    Jo-yeon kneels around a shirtless, face down Jin-taek and rubs his arms, he tells her she's the best

    OK, fine. Here are some more screenshots for all the viewers with dirty minds!

    They're honestly so cute. I can't even stay mad at Jin-taek for all his extracurricular flirting from earlier in the week.

    Things are going differently for Se-hoon and Ji-yeon, who are having an emotional date.

    Se-hoon looks at Ji-yeon and says, "it must have been tough"

    Ji-yeon ends up crying, but it's because she felt validated by Se-hoon recognizing that it wasn't easy for her.

    Se-hoon comforts Ji-yeon and says "Don't cry"

    Ji-yeon needed time to come around to Se-hoon, but I think it's safe to say she's been charmed by him.

    Ji-yeon says "I'm the kind of person who needs time to process things"

    Back in Inferno, Yea-won and Jun-sik are appreciating the beauty of island and reflecting on the last week together.

    Jun-sik and Yea-won walk on the beach saying they'll miss their time on the island

    Hyun-seung seeks out Ji-a for a conversation in hopes of securing his place in her heart.

    Hyun-seung says to Ji-a, "Me? I've been waiting for you"

    And they have a roller-coaster conversation that feels like neither a rejection nor confirmation that she'll choose him.

    And what is Hyeon-joong doing? Waiting for her.

    Hyeon-joong lays in bed and says "Here i am, waiting for her like a puppy"

    Everyone gets back from Paradise, and I can't help but notice an awkward vibe between Su-min and Si-hun.

    Si-hun tells Su-min he had fun, but their bodies are turned opposite each other and he doesn't look at her

    When night falls, everyone gathers around the fire pit. Hyeon-joong makes a bold move and tells Ji-a to come sit with him.

    Hyeon-joong says "Ji-a come here" as she says its cold

    And she listens.

    Everyone sits around the firepit, with Ji-a cozy next to Hyeon-joong

    Well, at least Hyun-seung has his beer.

    Hyun-seung chugs a beer

    While Se-hoon and Ji-yeon don't sit together, they find each other's faces and exchange these adorable little smiles.

    And Min-ji finally reveals her age and profession: 24, beauty model. Obviously.

    Min-ji gets her hair primped by a stylist

    Since everyone's drinking, they're getting bold and asking tough questions.

    Se-hoon looks scandalize as Min-ji asks "If I had come here on the first day, how do you think it would have been?"

    Everyone wants to know his answer. Even Ji-yeon, who plays it cool by munching on a tortilla chip.

    Ji-yeon looks away while eating a piece of tortilla chip

    Yea-won is maybe the most intrigued. But Se-hoon says it wouldn't have been very different.

    Si-hun says what everyone's thinking. And Min-ji nods in agreement.

    Hyun-seung cuts the tension by changing the subject with another bold question, this time directed at Jin-taek.

    But then he gets serious and says how glad he is that she chose him.

    So-yeon smiles as Jin-taek says "But then she chose me so I was so grateful"

    Before the touching moment can linger, Se-hoon makes things awkward.

    Se-hoon looks at So-yeon and says, "You have no hard feelings toward me, do you?"

    But So-yeon just says she's sorry about the conflict, and Se-hoon says he's grateful for it because he thinks it's what got him here.

    Se-hoon tells So-yeon he's thankful to her

    In their last confessionals, people get emotional.

    Moment of truth time — the women wait on different parts of the island for the men who have chosen them to come find them for the last pairing.

    A zoomed out shot of one of the girls waiting under a tent

    First to choose is Jun-sik, and of course, he goes to Yea-won.

    Next is Hyeon-joong, who makes a show out of going over to So-yeon...

    Hyeon-joong says to Jo-yeon, you did a great job

    Because there was no way he wasn't going to Ji-a.

    Then it's Se-hoon's turn, and he's headed for...Min-ji?!

    Se-hoon walks down a forked road, headed for Min-ji tell her she did a great job. She looks like she might cry.

    Because of course it's Ji-yeon. It's always been Ji-yeon.

    Thankfully, Jin-taek knows better than to play games, heading straight for So-yeon.

    Jin-taek and So-yeon stand side by side smiling awkwardly

    That leaves just Hyun-seung and Si-hun.

    Si-hun and Hyun-seung look at each other, an awkward smile on Si-hun's face

    Hyun-seung goes first, moving with purpose toward Ji-a and her puppy.

    Hyeon-joong jokingly asks Hyun-seung, "are you here to choose me?"

    Well, this is an awkward family photo.

    Ji-a looks down, while Hyeon-joong and Hyun-seung look in opposite directions on opposite sides of her

    Now it's Si-hun's turn to make his final choice, and no one knows where he's gonna go.

    Si-hun walks down the beach towards Su-min and Ji-a

    But he says a quick thank you to Su-min, and keeps it moving toward Ji-a.

    He's greeted by Hyun-seung, since things are a little crowded around Ji-a now.

    Hyun-seung looks at Si-hun in disbelief and says, "you came here"

    Now, it's up to the women to decide if they want to leave with the men who chose them, or leave alone. Some have harder decisions than others.

    Ji-yeon gives a sweet speech and takes Se-hoon's hand.

    And Yea-won leaves with Jun-sik, but not without having a little fun teasing him first.

    And if you thought Jin-taek was leaving without cracking another corny line, you were wrong.

    Since no one chose Su-min or Min-ji, it's down to Ji-a to make her decision.

    Jia stands in front of the three men who have chosen her

    Hyeon-joong decides to plead his case one last time.

    Hyeon-joong tells Ji-a he can be like a puppy

    Hyun-seung follows suit, choosing to play the fate card.

    And Si-hun basically admits that he could tell Ji-a didn't like him and felt bad for him, but he still had to choose her.

    Si-hun tells Ji-a he tried so hard not to talk to her

    With all that in mind, Ji-a lets Si-hun down first.

    Ji-a tells Si-hun she's sorry she can't go to the hospital with him

    Then she tells Hyun-seung that she agrees they met for a reason.

    Ji-a looks at Hyun-seung who stares back intensely

    Hyeon-joong looks worried he's lost her.

    Hyeon-joong bites his lip

    But in the end, she chooses her puppy, Hyeon-Joong.

    Hyeun-soong smiles as Ji-a says, "Lets go, puppy"

    Well, Si-hun and Hyun-seung still have each other, I guess.

    Si-hun jokingly says "lets go home together" to Hyun-seung

    And Hyeon-joong carries his prized Ji-a off the island.

    Hyeon-joong carries Ji-a like a baby

    Well, that was quite the ride! Which couples did you see coming? Did any take you by surprise? Who do you ship? Tell us in the comments!