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    The First Episode Of "Single's Inferno" Is Like Nothing Else I've Seen On TV

    The hottest dating show in Korea is finally on Netflix.

    If you've been looking for a new dating show to fill the void of Love Island, or a reality show to fill the void of Terrace House โ€“ look no further. Single's Inferno is what you need.

    Courtesy Everett Collection / Netflix

    Love Island because they're often gathered around a fire pit and they need to form couples. Terrace House because everyone is a model.ย 

    Here's the concept: Smokin' hot singles stay on a deserted island in Korea in shared tents, hoping to meet their special someone.

    No cash prize. Just the chance to fall for someone.

    Here's the catch: They can't tell each other what their age or occupation is. They have to get to know each other and feel their vibes without that information swaying their decision.

    Unless they get to Paradise, which won't be easy. So let's get into the recap of the episode!

    First, we meet Kim Hyeon-joong (๊น€ํ˜„์ค‘), who is super into fitness, as told by his intro video, and his six-pack abs.

    Kim Hyeon-joong sits on a stool in a green and black room.

    Sorry, abs not pictured.

    Next up is Moon Se-hoon (๋ฌธ์„ธํ›ˆ), who has perfect skin, also loves working out, and says he's good at household chores.

    Moon Se-hoon says "I think I'm unpopular because people think I'm popular"

    Then, we have our first girl, Shin Ji-yeon (์‹ ์ง€์—ฐ), who makes the two boys immediately flustered upon her arrival. In her intro video, she says she knows what she wants in a partner and notes her cute hands as one of her best features.

    Shin Ji-yeon smiles wide, sitting at the firepit on the island

    Next is Kim Jun-sik (๊น€์ค€์‹), who says he loves to cook and seems to be determined to get to Paradise.

    Jun-sik wears a striped shirt and says "I'll do my best to make it to paradise"

    Kang So-yeon (๊ฐ•์†Œ์—ฐ) arrives a moment after, hard to miss considering her height and powerful presence.

    Torches are lit on both sides of a bamboo fixture, a woman approaches from a path in the distance

    She's super athletic according to her intro video, which showcases all the sports and fitness activities she's into.

    So-yeon wears a red corset dress and says she's straightforward and doesn't lie

    And she calls it like she sees it.

    Then Choi Si-hun (์ตœ์‹œํ›ˆ) shows up, and Ji-yeon notes that he looks like an idol singer. She isn't wrong.

    The group sits around the firepit in daylight

    He is adorable, and says he loves boxing and believes in destiny.

    Si-hun wears a plaid jacket in front of the greenery

    Everyone is speechless when An Yea-won (์•ˆ์˜ˆ์›) arrives in a flowy red dress, looking like a goddess. She says she's clumsy in a cute way that people find charming.

    An Yea-won arrives in a red dress

    Then Song Ji-a (์†ก์ง€์•„) walks up, capturing the attention of all the boys. She describes herself as cute and sexy and says she'd like to be held in a tall guy's arms.


    She also says she likes guys with money, so I wonder how she plans to figure out who makes good money.

    Ji-a sits in a pink corset, pearl choker and sleek hair

    Oh Jin-taek (์˜ค์ง„ํƒ) is the last to arrive, and he says he wants a flaming hot romance. He tells us a bit about his facial hair, which admittedly does set him apart from the others, in his intro video.


    Ji-a, you are so right.

    Ji-a sits next to Se-hoon and cradles her face to block the sun and says "it's going to get hotter"

    A mysterious voice booms through a speaker system, announcing itself as the "Master of Single's Inferno" and explains the rules.

    The contestants sit around the fire pit

    - They will be isolated for nine days on the island, no phones.ย 

    - They can only eat food they cook with the ingredients provided.ย 

    - They must rely on only their natural charms to attract others and become a couple.

    - Couples who choose each other can escape to luxurious suites in Paradise, where they can learn whatever they want to know about their partners. They only stay in Paradise for one day โ€” then it's back to Inferno.ย 

    They're given maps that clue them in to where things are located on the island. There's a kitchen with minimal ingredients and a bucket device they need to use to draw water, throwing a little Survivor in the mix. Good thing all of these people work out!

    A map of the island

    People are starting to have their doubts.

    Hyeong-joon says he doesn't know if he can fall in love here while trying to survive for nine days

    And the bathroom situation is really far from ideal.

    Jia says she won't be drinking much water

    I mean, it's not the worst plan.

    A little gossip in the tents gives us our first insight to who likes who. Se-hoon says he likes Ji-yeon.

    Ji-yeon smiles innocently, with text from Se-hoon over her saying "She seemed so white and pure, That's my first impression of her"

    Si-hun does, too, but he also like Ji-a, although he thinks she's unapproachable.

    Ji-yeon admits that Si-hun made the best first impression on her.

    Ji-yeon says that Si-hun was really nice to her when they walked around the island together

    Yea-won says she likes Jin-taek.

    Yea-won smiles, saying she felt Jin-taek's charisma

    Jin-taek likes So-yeon. So-yeon seems to like him too. Hyun-joong says Ji-a and Si-yeon are both his type. I smell some love triangles.

    But Ji-a says none of the guys are her type. Welp!

    Ji-a saying "none of them is my ideal type."

    Se-hoon takes charge in the kitchen at dinner time, assigning roles to everyone and even making sure So-yeon wears an apron.

    Se-hoon helps So-yeon into an apron

    So cute and thoughtful!

    All the guys try to get Ji-a's attention, but Si-hun is the most vocal about it, while Hyeon-joong stays by her side and watches her measure and wash rice closely but silently.

    Hyeon-joong stands next to Ji-a while she washes rice

    The hosts say it looks like a drama and that they're falling for Hyeon-joong.

    Meanwhile, Si-hun tries to impress Ji-a by using the cauldron, and he ends up burning himself. Oops. But Ji-a stays close to make sure he's OK, so maybe it was all a ploy!

    Ji-a looks up at Si-hun with concern asking if he burned his hand

    And Se-hoon kinda steamrolls, taking over soup duties and then dishwashing duties from Ji-yeon. Maybe he's flirting, but it seems to make Ji-yeon doubt herself.

    Si-yeon looks concerned and asks why she feels like she isn't doing it right

    I don't think that's the impression he was going for.ย 

    Still, the guys all think he's cool and admire him as he helps So-yeon cook fried rice.

    The boys look on as Se-hoon fries rice and Si-hun says he's so cool

    Ji-a volunteers to fetch water with Jin-Taek and Hyeon-joong, where they grill on her type. She says she likes older men and wants someone to be like a boyfriend and father. Hyeon-joong gets to impress her with his veiny muscles when he carries the water back.

    Hyeon-joong's arm veins bulge as he carries the heavy water buckets

    Moment of appreciation for this meal they cooked. I'm so impressed. I wanna eat with them!

    Fried rice, peppers, and cucumber salad

    Se-hoon says it's the best fried rice ever, a compliment to So-yeon, who cooked it.

    Se-hoon gives a thumbs up

    Back in their tents, Ji-a asks an important question.

    Ji-a sits on her bed and asks if they won't be having caffeine starting tomorrow

    No coffee?!

    Meanwhile, in the boys tent, they talk about Ji-a.

    Announcement from the master! Everyone must write postcards to those that caught their eye today, and leave them in their mailboxes outside.

    Jin-taek receives no postcards.

    Jin-taek stares into an empty mailbox

    Si-hun gets one โ€” with a cute smiley face that causes him to break out in a smile. Jun-sik gets one, too, commenting on his tan. Se-hoon gets a lengthy one about his hard work in the kitchen.

    Hyeon-joong receives one.

    A postcard reading "OPPA?"

    The card reads "Oppa?" which the judges deduce is from Ji-a, probably because of their conversation about her liking older guys. (Oppa is a term younger women use to refer to older men.)

    So-yeon gets two.

    So-yeon smiles down at a postcard

    One is sweet, comparing her to a sunny day. The other just reads,ย "The best fried rice ever." Sound familiar?

    Yea-won gets none, which is a serious slight from the guys.

    Yea-won awkwardly looks down at her hands

    I mean, have they seen her?! She's so cute and charming!

    And then we're left with a cliffhanger as Ji-yeon and Ji-a, who everyone predicted would have the most postcards, go to collect theirs. There's a shot of a mailbox with three postcards, but whose is it?

    A mailbox holds three postcards

    The judges note that this means one of them got zero. Could that be true?

    Guess you'll find out in the next recap!

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