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    Here's Where You've Seen The Cast Of Netflix's "Keep Breathing"

    This cast has been booked and busy.

    Keep Breathing is the #1 show on Netflix this week. If you were one of the many viewers and you thought the cast looked familiar, here's where you might know them from!

    Austin Stowell and Melissa Barrera in Keep Breathing

    1. Melissa Barrera as Liv

    BREATHE, (aka KEEP BREATHING), Melissa Barrera, Hierarchy of Needs', (Season 1, ep. 103, aired July 28, 2022)

    You may have seen her in some other scary situations before, like Sam Carpenter in Scream (aka Scream 5)...

    SCREAM, (aka SCREAM 5), Melissa Barrera, 2022.

    ...Vanessa in In the Heights...

    IN THE HEIGHTS, foreground from left: Anthony Ramos, Melissa Barrera, 2020

    ...and Lyn in Vida.

    VIDA, from left: Melissa Barrera, Adrian Gonzalez, (Season 3, ep. 305, aired May 24, 2020

    2. Florencia Lozano as Lucia

    BREATHE, (aka KEEP BREATHING), Florencia Lozano, Hierarchy of Needs', (Season 1, ep. 103, aired July 28, 2022)

    You've seen Florencia as Linda in Life After You...

    LIFE AFTER YOU, Florencia Lozano, 2022.

    ...Linda Bloom in Bull...

    Florencia Lozano as Linda Bloom and Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull.

    ...and Wendy in Kevin Can Wait.

    Florencia Lozano, Kevin James in KEVIN CAN WAIT

    Other past roles for Florencia Lozano include:

    Amy in Here After

    Claudia Messina in Narcos

    Téa Delgado in One Life to Live

    Téa Delgado Lord in General Hospital

    3. Jeff Wilbusch as Danny

    BREATHE, (aka KEEP BREATHING), from left: Melissa Barrera, Jeff Wilbusch, Getenesh Berhe, Hierarchy of Needs', (Season 1, ep. 103, aired July 28, 2022

    Jeff played Gregor Grause in Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes...

    DAWN BREAKS BEHIND THE EYES, Jeff Wilbusch, 2021

    ...and Moishe Lefkovitch in Unorthodox.

    UNORTHODOX, from left: Jeff Wilbusch, Amit Rahav, (Season 1, ep. 102, aired March 26, 2020)

    4. Juan Pablo Espinosa as Tomas

    BREATHE, (aka KEEP BREATHING), from left: Juan Pablo Espinosa, Joselyn Picard, Hierarchy of Needs', (Season 1, ep. 103, aired July 28, 2022

    Juan Pablo has played Flavio Murguía in Half Brothers...

    HALF BROTHERS, Juan Pablo Espinosa, 2020

    ...Rodolfo in Acapulco...

    ACAPULCO, Juan Pablo Espinosa , Crazy Little Thing Called Love', (Season 1, ep. 104, aired Oct. 22, 2021

    ...and Alberto Bravo in Cocaine Godmother.

    COCAINE GODMOTHER, l-r: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Juan Pablo Espinosa, (aired January 20, 2018)

    Other past roles for Juan Pablo Espinosa include:

    Lucas Duarte in La Fan

    Luis Carlos Galán in Narcos

    Cristóbal Soler in Secrets of Paradise

    5. Mike Dopud as George

    Mike Dopud (right) and Austin Stowell (left) in Keep Breathing

    Mike has played Nash in 2047: Virtual Revolution...

    VIRTUAL REVOLUTION, Mike Dopud, 2016

    ...Jason Micic in Power...

    POWER, Mike Dopud, 'Inside Man', (Season 6, ep. 606, aired Sept. 29, 2019

    ...Roy Mcafee in Cedar Cove...

    CEDAR COVE, (from left): Mike Dupud, Teryl Rothery, 'Letting Go: Part Two', (Season 2, ep. 201, aired July 26, 2014)

    ...and Viktor in Arrow.

    ARROW, (from left): Mike Dopud, Stephen Amell, 'Legacy', (Season 5, ep. 501, aired Oct. 5, 2016)

    Other past roles for Mike Dopud include:

    AK Fortesan in iZombie

    Michael Vinson in The 100

    Dupree in The Predator

    Detective McDermott in Day of the Dead

    Red in Strange Empire

    6. Austin Stowell as Sam

    Austin Stowell in Keep Breathing

    You've seen Austin as Patrick Sullivan in Fantasy Island...

    FANTASY ISLAND, (aka BLUMHOUSES FANTASY ISLAND), from left: Austin Stowell, Portia Doubleday, Lucy Hale, Maggie Q, Jimmy O. Yang, 2020

    ...Joshua Templeman in The Hating Game...

    THE HATING GAME, Austin Stowell, 2021

    ... and Nately in Catch-22.

    CATCH-22, left to right: Rafi Gavron, Jon Rudnitsky, Christopher Abbott, Austin Stowell, Pico Alexander, Graham Patrick Martin, Gerran Howell, (Season 1, Episode 102, aired May 17, 2019

    Other past roles for Austin Stowell include:

    Richie Conrad in Swallow 

    Fred Falls in 12 Strong

    Larry King in Battle of the Sexes

    Ryan in Whiplash

    Dalton Joiner in Love and Honor

    Francis Gary Powers in Bridge of Spies

    Which cast member were you most excited to see onscreen in Keep Breathing? Let us know in the comments!