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    Here Are 8 Home Design Trends That Are Here To Stay, And 8 That Are Outdated

    Be wise with your DIY and design choices!

    These days, home renovations are easier than ever and there's constant inspo everywhere!

    But with that being said, some of these trends need to go, no matter how easy they are.

    1. GO: Starting with the geometric accent wall. This might be different and easy to create, but it's an eyesore.

    Blue, pink and grey triangle painted wall

    2. STAY: Accent walls are a great idea, though, and if you prefer sharp lines, you can go for a diagonal painted accent wall.

    3. GO: Putting stone on the outside of a bathtub needs to stop.

    A bathtub with airstone on the outside

    4. STAY: Wood panel on the side of a tub can look really nice, as long as the rest of the design is minimal or modern to give it a spa feel.

    5. GO: Fake hanging vines in the bedroom have to go.

    A girly bedroom with tons of fake vines hanging above the bed

    6. STAY: But hanging plants are always a cute addition to a room, for adding more dimension or greenery. They can be fake, too!

    7. GO: Peel and stick tile on bathroom floors is just not safe, therefore it has to go.

    8. STAY: If you're bored of your tile, try changing the grout color! It's easy and fun.

    9. GO: The once-trendy acrylic coffee table had its moment, but it's over now.

    10. STAY: Ottoman coffee tables are attractive and multifunctional.

    11. GO: Thoughtless gallery walls aren't making any kind of statement.

    12. STAY: A personal gallery wall of family memories with room for growth is a lovely and personal take on the gallery wall.

    13. GO: Boucle furniture is cute, but it isn't durable.

    14. STAY: A good leather chair or couch never goes out of style.

    15. GO: Painted countertops may be a quick and cheap fix, but they can look cheap, too.

    16. STAY: Concrete countertops are modern and clean.

    17. What are your favorite current home design trends? Which do you hate? Let us know in the comments!