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    Here Are All The "Glee" References In "The Girl From Plainville" So Far

    There are more than meets the eye.

    Hulu's newest true crime drama series, The Girl From Plainville, follows the 2017 criminal case about Michelle Carter's involvement in the suicide of Conrad Roy.

    Leah Thompkins and Chloe Sevigny stand on a beach, with Chloe holding a container

    You may recall hearing about this "texting suicide" case when it was in the news, but one thing you probably didn't know about Michelle is that she's a huge Gleek.

    Colton Ryan and Elle Fanning stand at an outdoor display of accessories like bunny ear headbands

    Elle Fanning stars as Michelle, and she's doing some of her best work yet — especially when she's channeling Michelle's Glee obsession.

    Colton Ryan and Elle Fanning, who holds a tennis racquet, stand near some steps and look at each other

    With four episodes currently streaming on Hulu, there are already a bunch of references to Glee. Here, we've rounded them up for you:

    1. In the first minute of the first episode, we see Michelle watching Glee while she texts Conrad.

    Glee plays on a laptop while Michelle texts Conrad

    2. When Michelle's friends come over to comfort her, she talks about her and Conrad's love in a quote that seems pulled from Glee.

    3. Michelle's outfit at Conrad's funeral was Rachel Berry–inspired.

    Michelle looks solemn in a black dress and headband at Conrad's funeral

    4. In Episode 1, Michelle asks her dad to turn up the song on the radio, which is "Can't Fight This Feeling" by REO Speedwagon, a song that Finn performs on Glee.

    5. At the end of the first episode, Michelle is practicing reciting Rachel's monologue about Finn's death from the Glee episode "The Quarterback."

    6. In Episode 3, after Michelle says Conrad was too bright for this world and her sister asks, "Is that from Glee?"

    7. In Episode 3, Michelle is watching Glee with her new friend, Susie, while making friendship bracelets.

    8. Later in Episode 3, Michelle goes through a memento box that holds her friendship bracelet from Susie and her rabbit ear headband from Conrad.

    9. In Episode 4, Michelle is watching Glee and texting Susie, who tells Michelle she's now hooked on Glee too.

    10. At the end of Episode 4, Michelle fantasizes about her and Conrad dressed as Rachel and Finn and performing a song from Glee together.

    11. In Episode 5, Michelle wears a "New Directions" t-shirt while she runs on the treadmill.

    Michelle looks shocked on a treadmill wearing a shirt that says "New Directions"

    12. In Episode 6, Michelle has a photo of Cory Monteith and Lea Michele (Rachel and Finn from Glee) on her vision board at the treatment center.

    13. In Episode 7, Michelle attends her sister's chorus recital, where she fantasizes about them bringing her on stage to sing "Teenage Dirtbag" to her. In reality, they are performing "Somebody to Love" by Queen, which the New Directions performed in Glee.

    Michelle looks worried as the chorus crowds around her

    14. In Episode 8, the series finale, Michelle is watching Glee as she texts Conrad about his impending suicide plans.

    Michelle texts Conrad that she is watching Glee, shown on her laptop in the background

    Which scene shocked you the most?