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    Here Are 15 Audio Fiction Podcasts For Every Kind Of Reader

    There's something for everyone!

    Have you been running through audiobooks so quickly that the library is running out?

    We get it. And we have a fix for you: original fiction podcasts!

    Whether you choose one that you can binge, or one that's still releasing new episodes, you'll be able to fill the time between library audiobook loans with these and maybe even find a new addiction!

    1. For those who love romance AND murder: Bone, Marry, Bury

    A pink notebook paper cover with random items like condom wrappers, a martini, disco ball, skull, and the title Bone Marry Bury

    2. For the foodies: Showmance

    A woman sits on a kitchen counter while two men stand on either side of her

    3. For nosy, true crime junkies: Neighbourly

    Neighbourly is written in creepy letters, a blacked out house is centered with blurred houses on either side

    4. For horror fans: Alice Isn't Dead

    A flipped image shows a truck driving at sunrise on one side, and its reflection creates a skull on the bottom side

    5. For fans of the fantastical: Faerie

    A dark night city scape with a a woman's face in the clouds and the podcast title spelled in letter on the buildings

    6. For lovers of tropes: Kaleidotrope

    An illustration of an open box of Samoas, two coffees and a microphone

    7. For time-travel readers: The Dial-Up

    Two cellphones ring, one a pink flip phone and one an iPhone

    8. For fans of current and classical dystopia: Dust

    A mass of matter erupts in the starry sky

    9. For those who love epistolary storytelling: Love and Luck

    A pink logo with the podcast title and a knit heart tied around a wishbone

    10. For fans of political romance: Vote For Love

    A girl with a button stands on one side of a larger button, while a man with a guitar stands on the opposite side

    11. For fans of Stranger Things on Netflix: Bridgewater

    An eerie illustration of blue night woods that reveal a portal to another dimension

    12. For fans of romances set on vacation: Honeymoon for One

    A woman holds on to a man on the back of a Vespa, with the exhaust air forming a heart shape

    13. For those who love stories with complicated family dynamics: The Call of the Void

    A girl with dark makeup on looks lost

    14. For fans of all kinds of magic: Unseen

    A globe-shaped maze

    15. For those who like to guess the ending: Someone Dies In This Elevator

    An elevator and its buttons

    Happy listening!