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    19 Reactions To The Newly Released Trailer For "That '90s Show"

    Some people are excited to return to Point Place, Wisconsin. Others are keeping their expectations low.

    ICYMI, the first official teaser trailer for That '90s Show just dropped.

    The cast of That 90s Show toast with red Solo cups on the water tower

    And fans of That '70s Show had some mixed reactions to the new cast, the returning cast, and everything else included in the teaser.

    The gang of That 90s Show smiles and sits on the couch in the basement

    We rounded up some reactions from both sides of the spectrum:

    1. Some people were instantly captured by the trailer!

    This looks great. Iโ€™m glad theyโ€™re sticking to the same format. Give us laugh tracks, give us humor, revive the thirty-minute sitcom. #That90sShow

    @Nowbz/Netflix / Via Twitter: @Nowbz


    I audibly yelled about that โ€˜90s show.

    @snacktubbs / Via Twitter: @snacktubbs


    That 90s Show trailer has me SO EXCITED!!!

    lilrunner / FOX / Via Twitter: @lilrunner

    4. Others had harsher reactions.

    Just saw the thatโ€™s 90 show trailer and no. I am personally offended by that trash. #That90sShow

    @davidangelo97 / Via Twitter: @davidangelo97


    @lmsocurious/Paramount Pictures / Via Twitter: @lmsocurious


    who at netflix decided that we needed a "that 90s show" and why were they not fired?

    @austinthesing / Via Twitter: @austinthesing

    7. Some people were excited about the Leia Forman casting:

    leia forman having the same mannerisms as her dad eric is everything to me. that 90s show i love you already

    @that70sdaily/Netflix / Via Twitter: @that70sdaiIy


    this casting is insane because that's EXACTLY what i'd imagine eric and donna's daughter would look like #That90sShow

    @filmlamet/Netflix / Via Twitter: @filmlamet

    10. While others were less impressed...

    iโ€™m sorry to that girl in the 90s show, but sheโ€™ll never be her father or her uncle or however sheโ€™s related SHEโ€™LL NEVER BE ERIC!

    @velvctrl / FOX / Via Twitter: @velvctrl

    11. One thing people agreed on? Red and Kitty are the best.

    I see Red and Kitty are trending so I will say again that the biggest crime of That '70s Show is that Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith never got Emmy noms. Iโ€™m almost done with my series rewatch, so I'm legit hyped for That '90s Show.

    @JamieCinematics / Via Twitter: @JamieCinematics


    that 90s show kind of looks terrible but red and kitty literally feel like they never left my screen so iโ€™ll still tune in and take my jackie eric and kelso crumbs gracefully

    @archielizabeths / Via Twitter: @archielizabeths


    We definitely need at least one scene of Red and Kitty and Leia having dinner in the dinning room in That โ€˜90s Show ๐Ÿ’› #that70sshow #redforman #funny #that90sshow #kittyforman #red #kitty #sitcom #tv #redandkitty #redandkittyforman #70s #debrajorupp #kurtwoodsmith

    @t7sgoldencouple / Via Twitter: @t7sgoldencouple


    Red and Kittyโ€™s backs are gonna be SORE after carrying #That90sShow

    @smellyastronaut / FOX / Via Twitter: @smellyastronaut


    When #That90sShow premieres next year, we're getting new #RedForman "dumbass" and "my foot up your ass" GIFs...

    @MichaelSacal / NBC / Via Twitter: @MichaelSacal

    16. Some people even had storyline ideas!

    I need Red to have a moment with his granddaughter like he did when he taught Jackie to change a tire. #That70sShow #That90sShow

    @hagridirongang / Via Twitter: @hagridirongang

    17. Others were upset about some anticipated storylines.

    ngl the fact that jackie and kelso will be married in that 90s show is the worst thing that has ever happened to me

    @leylanocontext / Via Twitter: @leylanocontext

    18. And one keen-eyed fan made this observation:

    The chair from the living room is now in the basement. #That90sShow

    @jb9180SMHR_7Y / Via Twitter: @jb9180SMHR_7Y

    19. Oh, and has anyone told this guy the news? Just checking.

    Saw #That90sShow trending and thought they were doing a "That 70s Show" spinoff or something

    @chillin662/Turner Pictures / Via Twitter: @chillin662

    Are you excited for That '90s Show? Or are you managing your expectations? Let us know in the comments!