Here's Everything We Know About The Cast Of "Single's Inferno" Season 2 So Far

    We've rounded up all the cast's ages and occupations in one place.

    If you're a fan of Single's Inferno, you already know that one major factor of the reality dating show is that the contestants' ages and occupations are kept secret...

    Choi Jong-woo looks deep in thought

    ...that is, until they get to Paradise, where everything is fair game.

    As a result, we only learn the ages and occupations of the contestants depending on when or if they ever get to Paradise.

    Choi Jong-woo and Seul-ki walk along the beach

    So far this season, a couple of contestants are still a mystery. But everything we have learned so far is rounded up all in one place here!

    Nadine Lee smiles in a green top

    Read on to learn the ages and occupations of this season's cast of Single's Inferno:

    Shin Dong-woo 신동우

    Dong-woo wears a pink shirt and smiles

    Lee So-e 이소이

    Lee So-e smiles affectionately in a hotel room in Paradise

    Jo Yoong-jae 조융재

    Jo-Yoong Jae bites his lip, in a blue shirt

    Lee Nadine

    Nadine looks at Dong-woo in deep conversation

    Shin Seul-ki 신슬기

    Seul-ki smirks at her Paradise date

    Choi Seo-eun 최서은

    Choi Seo-eun smiles at her Paradise date in a green dress

    Kim Han-bin 김한빈

    Kim Han-Bin waits to see if he'll be joined in Paradise

    Kim Jin-young 김진영

    Kim Jin-Young Looks contemplative at Lee Nadine

    Lim Min-su 임민수

    Lim Min-su smiles in a flowy shirt

    Kim Se-jun 김세준

    Kim Se-jun looks serious as he looks at a female contestant

    Choi Jong-woo 최종우

    Choi Jong-woo seems to be deep in thought, his brow furrowed

    Park Se-jeong 박세정

    Park Se-Jeong looks seductive with her long golden hair and pursed lips

    Whose age or occupation surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments!