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    5 Mother Nature Approved Beauty Products

    Earth Day is April 22nd and to celebrate, I've rounded up 5 products Mother Nature gives her stamp of approval on. These goodies provide incredible results without pushing the harmful toxins into the environment or your body!

    1. LUSH Cosmetics Miraculous Body Butter


    Handmade with natural butters, fresh fruit and essential oils, LUSH promises their Body Butter will "smooth you down and butter you up for the softest, silkiest skin imaginable". This is just one of the many amazing natural, handmade products LUSH Cosmetics offers consumers, all while creating awareness of ethical shopping and fighting against animal testing.

    2. Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk


    Juice Beauty provides vegan products that are powerful without using parabens, petroleum, pesticides, propylene or butylene glycols, silicones, talc, carbon black, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, GMO, silicones, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. This creamy formula deeply cleanses and removes makeup with organic neroli and grape seed oils, while soothing normal, aging, or sensitive skin with organic chamomile and calendula --a daily essential perfect for cleansing and removing makeup. And don't worry about the box your Cleansing Milk comes in -- product boxes are made with recycled or FSC certified paper, printed with soy ink & sourced in the USA.

    3. HydroPeptide Eye Authority


    A best-seller and award-winner, this four-dimensional eye cream contains multi-performance peptides, pearl peptides and antioxidants to immediately brighten dark circles while diminishing the look of expression lines, wrinkles and puffiness. In conjunction with its philanthropic partner, charity: water, the brand is donating a portion of proceeds for every Eye Authority sold in order to commission the building of one new well each month in developing countries throughout 2016. In addition, HydroPeptide has committed to supporting ongoing maintenance and sustainability of existing wells.

    4. suki Concentrated Clarifying Toner


    suki skincare sources fair trade, organic and local whenever possible, and all ingredients are completely cruelty-free. Many suki products are vegan and the sole animal ingredient - 100% organic beeswax - is sourced from farms that do not harm bees or burn hives. suki Concentrated Clarifying Toner is a multifunctional formula that tackles redness, swelling, clogged pores, oily build-up, scars, and other issues, soothing skin to help create a healthier, more balanced complexion. TLC salicylic acid™, made from white willow, cleanses and clarifies skin without drying. A healthy dose of vitamin C provides antioxidant support to keep skin looking youthful, while a potent rose concentrate made at suki® replaces water to match the skin's chemistry & pH for deep derma penetration & balances all skin types. Skin is left perfectly prepped for your serum and moisturizer to work as effectively as possible.

    5. Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper


    Nad's stance on animal cruelty is unshakeable. "We are against any form of animal cruelty; we prefer our animals to roam free. If we need to test our products, we test it amongst ourselves at work or ask our friends and family to test it for us. Thus, we are the best advocates of our products." Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper is an at-home natural, professional eyebrow and facial hair remover making waxing and shaping easy to achieve. It's a no heat, no fuss hair removal option made easy with Nad's unique SlimTip applicator. The pen releases just the right amount of gel from the precision tip for control and easy customization.

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