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The 12 Best Locations For A Wedding Ceremony In Paris

Sounds cliché, but once you’ve been to Paris, you will know that this city is indeed the most romantic place on the planet. So it’s no wonder that it is one of the most popular cities for destination weddings and elopements. 
We’ve rounded-up the 12 best elopement/small wedding spots in Paris. Now all you have to do is find a groom ;)

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Paris Photographer Pierre Torset / Via

The Eiffel tower is the most iconic landmark in Paris. To see it in person for the very first time is quite electrifying. Now what more if it was your ceremony backdrop! Sounds easy enough, right? But there’s actually a lot of view points scattered around the city so it’s crucial to find the right spot. Paris-based wedding photographer Pierre Torset suggests Trocadero if you want a full shot of the Eiffel and Champ de Mars if you prefer a close-up angle. Pierre also says, “You’ll need to be ready to wake up early if you want pictures of your ceremony without other tourists or crowds in the background.”

6. …Or off the Boat

Paris Photographer Pierre Torset / Via

The Seine River is probably the “epicenter of romance” in Paris with couples having candlelight dinners, quiet afternoon strolls, and proposals, left, right and center.

You could totally just stand in front of it and say your “I Dos” or you can go on the boat and it will be just as amazing.

Paris Photographer Pierre Torset / Via

Parisian hotels have a lot of character and there’s definitely the perfect one based on your style and preference

Just make sure to plan ahead! Paris Photographer Pierre Torset recommends arriving at least 2-3 days before your wedding date. He says, “You may not only be jet lagged but sometimes you need to do last minute arrangements (e.g. pick up flowers at the florist or a wedding cake at the bakery) and sometimes your luggage is arriving with a bit of delay. It’s just a little less stressful if you allow a few days around your event.”

8. Pont Neuf

Paris Photographer Pierre Torset / Via

Or better known as the “Love Locks Bridge” is a great symbolical choice. Just imagine the millions of couples from around the world who channel their love in this area!

9. And pretty much all Parisian Bridges

Paris Photographer Pierre Torset / Via

Every Parisian bridge is seriously like a movie scene. And in Paris, there’s no permits to have your intimate ceremony here. But it’s always better to work with a local wedding photographer who knows the exact spots that are good for ceremonies. Plus, local photographers can obviously speak the language so it’s easier to coordinate in case you run into some issues.

10. Chapelle Expiatoire

Paris Photographer Pierre Torset / Via

The Chapelle Expiatoire is one of the most unique and interesting chapels in the world. However, Paris photographer Pierre Torset recommends asking the help of your local photographer, officiant, or wedding planner on how to go about administrative processes

12. Arc Triomphe Carrousel

Paris Photographer Pierre Torset / Via

And lastly, we can’t have a list of best elopement/small wedding locations without this one. The Arc Triomphe Carrousel is not just a majestic choice, but it also has a wonderful view of The Louvre. What more can you ask for? Now say “Oui, oui” to a Parisian elopement!



WEDDING OFFICIANT: The Paris Officiant

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