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    #DoxieBear Takeover

    Dachshunds & TeddyBears

    1. Scrappy the Doxie!

    2. Frankie the pink bear.

    3. Daisy and Miley

    4. Diesel the Brown Bear

    5. Doc & Dunkin

    6. Comet the Doxie

    7. Tilda the teddy bear

    8. Daisy the bear

    9. Branston the black and brown teddy bear

    10. Lilo the purple teddy bear

    11. Ariel the DoxieBear

    12. 3 little DoxieBears

    13. Dottie the pink bear

    14. Zaylee the bear

    15. Bruno the bear

    Watch the video of the DoxieBears here.

    View this video on YouTube
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