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    "Legacies" Is Over — Here Are The Best And Worst Moments Of The Mikaelson Family

    This family needed to book a lifetime of sessions with Cami the therapist.

    As last week's episode of Legacies put The Vampire Diaries universe to rest, viewers said goodbye to the Mikaelson family for good. The finale featured a cameo by fan-favorite vamp Klaus, who appeared one last time to bid a final farewell to his daughter, Hope.

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    Klaus, along with his siblings, make an appearance in all three of the franchise's TV series (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies) as the world's very first vampires with centuries' worth of baggage.

    Seriously. No family is perfect, but the Mikaelsons are one of the most toxic households to grace television. Here are eight examples...

    1. When Klaus would dagger his siblings for literal decades.

    2. When Klaus was super controlling of Rebekah's love life (and also killed a bunch of her boyfriends...).

    3. When their parents were just super toxic in general.

    4. When Elijah was in love with Klaus's baby mama.

    5. When Kol pranked Rebekah by body-swapping her with an evil witch.

    6. When Freya's devotion to the family caused consistent turbulence in her dating life.

    7. When Marcel's complicated relationship with Klaus caused extreme highs and lows.

    8. When the family was cursed so Elijah wiped his memory.

    OK, these guys are a lot of drama, but they do have some redeeming moments. Here are six times the Mikaelsons siblings were endearing:

    1. When all of the siblings put Hope's well-being before their own.

    2. When Hope carried on her family's legacy.

    3. When they honored their vow of always and forever.

    4. When they made sacrifices for one another.

    5. When they finally admitted to their mistakes.

    6. When they realized that they deserve happiness too.

    What are your favorite Mikaelson moments? Tell us in the comments below!