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    These 13 TV Shows Lasted About 6 Seasons Too Long

    At this point, anyone still watching The Bachelor is here for the wrong reasons.

    As an avid TV watcher, I've witnessed some of my favorite series slowly descend into madness. It's not all that uncommon for quality shows to lose their heart as the years go by – as seen by the fever dream that is the latter half of Glee or the convoluted end times of Westworld.

    There are about a million examples of shows who overstayed their welcome, but I decided to dive into the TV series that reeeeeeeally needed to roll up the welcome mat...about six seasons before their finale.

    Some truly great television lives on this list. However, once these shows hit their peak, they continued airing way past their prime. Brace yourself. Here we go!

    1. Supernatural

    2. The Walking Dead

    3. Once Upon A Time

    4. One Tree Hill

    5. Grey's Anatomy

    6. NCIS

    7. The Big Bang Theory

    8. Two And A Half Men

    9. Pretty Little Liars

    10. Smallville

    11. Modern Family

    12. Jon & Kate Plus 8 / Kate Plus 8

    13. The Bachelor / The Bachelorette

    What shows would you add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments!