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    I Am A Recovering People-Pleaser, And Here Are 7 Lessons I've Learned So Far (And How They've Saved Me Some Money)

    Spoiler alert: They aren't mad at me.

    Navigating adulthood is hard. Navigating adulthood as a people-pleaser is even harder. If you're someone who knows the struggle of never being able to say no, you aren't alone. People-pleasing is a very real, very toxic thing.

    I am on my own journey of changing these habits and have learned a few valuable lessons along the way. My friendships and my money management have improved from this mindset shift! Here are my biggest takeaways:

    1. People-pleasing is a habit that seeps into every facet of life. It impacts your mental, emotional, and even financial health.

    2. People-pleasing is not synonymous with kindness. It's easy to convince yourself that these habits make you a good person, but this is a dangerous road...

    3. That old cliché of learning to say "no" is wildly important.

    4. Advocating for yourself includes setting financial boundaries. You may feel like you're being a bad friend when you first decide what is and isn't worth your time and money, but this is untrue.

    5. Just because you can afford something doesn't mean it's in your budget.

    6. Comparing financial situations can be damaging. Accept that everyone's money situation looks different, and embrace your own journey.

    7. Once you realize that you don't have to shower others with gifts and monetary experiences to gain their love and approval, you'll be much happier (and feel secure in who your real friends are)!

    Do you struggle with people-pleasing behaviors? Let's talk about it in the comments.