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    The 8 Money Personality Types As "Bridgerton" Characters

    Because money is both the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires.

    Dearest Gentle Reader, do you wish to be named the diamond of the season? Or do you prefer to speak your mind with parchment and a quill? Whatever your personality type, these unique characteristics also affect one very important aspect of life: your relationship with money.

    Understanding some of the different money personalities is a great way to become self-aware of your own saving and spending habits. Because I still burn for Netflix's Regency series Bridgerton, I'm pairing different types of money managers with a character from the ton.

    1. Anthony Bridgerton - The Frugal Saver

    2. Kate Sharma - The Competitive Moneymaker

    3. Eloise Bridgerton - The Financial Free Spirit

    4. Penelope Featherington - The Investor

    5. Benedict Bridgerton - The Passionate Dreamer

    6. Simon Basset - The Perfectionist

    7. Daphne - The Self-Advocate

    8. Lady Danbury - The Status-Driven Spender

    Which personality type aligns with how you manage money? Tell us in the comments below! It will be the talk of the ton...

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