Someone Get Me A Negroni ASAP: Here Are The 16 Most Stressful Things That Happened In "House Of The Dragon" Season 1

    After that finale, we all need a negroni. STAT.

    Warning: Spoilers for season one of House of the Dragon ahead!

    The finale of House of the Dragon leaves Westeros on the brink of war. We've witnessed the beginnings of the fated "dance of the dragons" era in which the Targaryen family dukes it out for the iron throne.

    A lot happened across ten episodes and, for this being a fictional story about fictional people living in a fictional realm, it was nerve-racking! In fact, here are the 16 most stressful things about HOTD season one...

    1. The entire battle sequence between Daemon and the Crabfeeder. There is barely any dialogue and yet the tensions are unbearably high. Since Daemon refuses to let the king help him win his war, he decides to embark on what should be a suicide mission. From his fake-out surrender to the moment he drags Prince Drahar from the cave, I was on the edge of my seat. STRESSFUL.

    2. When King Viserys announced his plan to take Alicent Hightower as his new wife, I, along with Princess Rhaenyra, wanted to vomit. This stressed me out for all involved. I was stressed for Viserys having to choose between his daughter's best friend and a 12-year-old, stressed for Alicent being put in this terrible situation, and stressed for Rhaenyra when she found out.

    3. Every single childbirth scene. I'm not even going to list them out. You know. You saw them. You're still recovering. Each and every depiction was heartbreaking in its own right.

    4. Never. Trust. A. Wedding. In. Westeros. Please, don't even invite me. I'll politely decline (just kidding, I'll definitely be there), but in all seriousness, it's not surprising that Laenor and Rhaenyra's big day was a catastrophe. This wasn't exactly the Red Wedding that shook the ground beneath Game of Thrones fans' feet, but it was up there.

    5. Can we all agree we collectively need therapy as a result of any scene regarding Daemon and Rhaenyra? I mean, sure, we survived Cersei and Jaime and then Dany and Jon, but still.

    6. Prince Daemon as a whole is stressful. Love the guy, but this man embodies chaos. He's really out there decapitating relatives and wooing his niece and the like.

    7. This man also stresses me out but with no redeeming qualities. Larys, please. Do less.

    8. This woman running with a knife? Also stressful. Alicent is very stressed for most of this season (with good reason) and it's stressful to watch. Someone check her blood pressure.

    9. Anytime the children of the family are together in a room, it's anxiety-inducing. They cannot get along and it's tragic that family politics have gotten in the way of a positive childhood together. That brawl where Aemond lost his eye nearly took me out.

    10. Aging King Viserys is also a major stressor because 1) Paddy Considine's performance is simply superb and 2) you knew the moment this treasure was gone things would go south.

    11. Criston Cole's saltiness over things that happened a decade ago was taxing. I've lost track of this man's motives other than being bitter. Let bygones be bygones, please!

    12. You've got a high threshold for pain if the family dinner scene didn't make you uneasy. Clearly putting all of these mad Targaryens together in one room was a bad idea, but it was going so well...for about two seconds.

    13. I feel like the royal family is not stressed out by Helaena's ominous warnings but should be? For sounding a little bit insane, she is arguably the sanest of them all.

    14. Aegon's entire coronation was stressful not only because he's stealing Rhaenyra's birthright, but are we really putting this boy in charge of the Seven Kingdoms?

    15. In the season finale, Lucerys' final moments are a tough watch. He's being taunted and chased by Aemond on dragonback and, though it appears Aemond only wants to make Luke repay his debt of losing an eye (no big!), big mama dragon Vhagar goes rogue and fatally attacks Lucerys and Arrax. This is why we can't have nice things.

    16. These dragons are kind of stressful but...please show us more next season!

    What did you think of the House of the Dragon finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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