10 Reasons "Cobra Kai" And "Glee" Are Kind Of The Exact Same Show

    We are both blessed and cursed to have these shows in our lifetime.

    I don't know about you, but my high school experience was far less eventful than the show choir students of Glee's New Directions or Cobra Kai's karate-chopping kids of Miyagi-Do.

    With Glee slated to stream on Disney+ and Hulu starting June 1, and the fourth season of Cobra Kai now available on Netflix, I had the mind-boggling revelation that these very different TV shows bare a striking resemblance. Buckle up. It's going to be a wild ride.

    1. Both shows center around an overzealous teacher who is waaaaay too involved in the personal lives of his high school students.

    2. Both shows focus on the competitive world of a very niche, unnecessarily high-stakes hobby.

    3. Both shows use the appeal of nostalgia.

    4. Both shows have a power couple and, subsequently, a love triangle.

    5. Both shows have absolutely bonkers character development.

    6. Both shows consistently have the students switching over to rival teams.

    7. Both shows have ruthless adults trying to sabotage the lives of mere teenagers.

    8. Both shows lead up to a final competition (usually with a celebrity guest!)

    9. Both shows have absurd plot lines that we just accept.

    10. Both shows are totally addicting and binge-worthy.