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    14 Celebrities Who Melt My Heart Every Time They Post A Photo Of Their Pet

    These pets have a higher quality of life than I do, but love them anyway.

    Scrolling social media can be pretty bleak, but the nuggets of positivity often come in the form of pet photos. To make your day a little better, here are 14 celebrities whose friendship with their dog or cat will warm your heart.

    1. The White Lotus' Haley Lu Richardson is a proud cat mama to Darbin, a fluffy feline who may be the epitome of perfection. I mean, look at that face...look at those toe beans...

    2. This little dachshund belongs to the mother of dragons. Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke frequently features her adorable dog, Ted, on Instagram. Cuteness overload!

    3. Marvel superhero and Barbie star, Simu Liu, is a loving dog dad to Chopa, a rescue pup from the Dominican Republic. Liu makes the world a better place by sharing sweet moments like this...

    4. Across the Marvel universe, Chris Evans is also fully embodying his role as a pet parent. Evans enjoys sharing photos of his beloved Boxer mix, Dodger, on social media.

    5. Meghan Thee Stallion is the ultimate dog lover, with six canines to call her own. Her Frenchie, 4oe, even has his own Instagram and it's well worth the follow.

    6. While this Emily In Paris star might enjoy croissants and selfies on-screen, off-camera Lily Collins prefers spending time with her sweet Pug-Terrior mix, Redford.

    7. There's no doubt that Bodie is the true peach in Brianne Howey's life. The Ginny & Georgia star often includes this precious furbaby on her feed.

    8. Darla is a key player on Vanessa Hudgens' Gram and we wouldn't have it any other way. It's clear the actor adores her Poodle and that the two have a close-knit bond.

    9. Halle Berry's Labradoodles, Jackson and Roman, are living the sweet life. These stylish dogs often appear on the actor's social channels and it's easy to see they are important members of the family.

    10. Jameela Jamil of She-Hulk is besties with her cute dog, Barold. The pup's name came about when Jamil's friend "thought Barry was short for Barold" and, as fate would have it, the name stuck.

    11. Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney is a big fan of her happy dog, Tank. Sweeney entered into pet parenthood early, adopting Tank when she was just sixteen years old.

    12. If you follow Henry Cavill on Instagram, you also follow Kal, the gorgeous American Akita. Cavill and Kal are two peas in a pod who work out together and film on set together.

    13. Don't worry, darling Billie — your mom is a celebrity! Florence Pugh is devoted to her rescue dog, who consistently appears alongside the actor when hanging out at home.

    14. According to Taylor Swift, karma is a cat, so here's to hoping this post earns us a new photo of Swift's three cats: Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button.

    Who are your favorite famous pets? Share your additions in the comments below!