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    17 Things To Help You Better Organize Your Fall Wardrobe

    The temperatures are starting to drop, and it is officially sweater weather, so get your fall wardrobe organized for all of the pumpkin-spiced, apple picking, and corn maze activities.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. honeycomb drawer organizer that will keep your fall tights and leggings neatly packed in one place. If you have problems with opening and closing your drawers, because they're so messy, this may be an excellent solution for you.

    Messy underwear drawer
    Neatly organized underwear drawer

    Promising Review: "My drawer has looked like a hurricane hit it for years. I’ve tried to organize my drawers for years. I’ve did an ok job, but whenever I decide to look for something, I end up just throwing stuff everywhere and messing the organization up all over again. Now, with this, I have no choice but to be organized. Wish I'd gotten this years ago. Really worth it." —Lvluxlife

    Get it from Amazon for $15.88+ (available in three colors).

    2. A pack of four shelf dividers that are sure to keep your clothes folded upright. Bulky sweaters and silky tops spilling into one another is a thing of the past. Just clip these dividers onto your shelves, and you're good to go.

    Bee Neat is a small business based in Virginia that sells organization items for many areas in your home.

    Promising Review: "Love these acrylic shelf dividers! They make my closet look so neat and organized. I used them to divide shelves that hold my folded workout tops. I used a folding helper tool like the ones retail stores use which gives my folded clothes a uniform width/look, and by using two dividers on each shelf, I can fit three stacks perfectly on my 30-in.-wide shelves. I am ordering more to add to my shelves with sweaters!" —Aimee L.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.94+ (available in six quantity options).

    3. pack of 12 shoe storage boxes if your thigh-high boots, ankle boots, and Chelsea boots could probably use a little help staying organized. Stack, then snap the boxes into place to keep your floor mess-free!

    Messy bunch of shoes on the floor
    Shoes neatly stored in plastic organizers

    Promising Review: "I bought one set because I had very low expectations. When the small box arrived, I was prepared to be 100% disappointed, BUT these are amazing!!! A bit tricky to get together, BUT once you get it, the rest goes smoothly. I didn’t at all think they were going to be sturdy when connected. I was just negative the entire time. BUT once together, they were great. I have a size 11 foot, and my sneakers fit nicely. I just ordered three more sets, and by the way, they work really good for hats. My husband has all his hats in them, too. They are perfect for hats as well as shoes. I highly recommend." —Rochelle A.

    Get it from Amazon for $37.99.

    4. pack of eight wooden closet dividers that are sure to keep your flannels, cardigans, and dresses organized by style. Now, you can coordinate your outfits in half the time!

    Clothes hung up on a rack, separated by a wooden divider
    Eight wooden dividers labeled by clothing style
    The White Loft/ Etsy

    Crafted by a small business based in Texas, The White Loft also accepts custom orders for their wooden dividers. This shop also offers cute customizables such as growth chart rulers, milestone markers, and more.

    Promising Reviews: "I’m thrilled with my purchase! Quality and customer service were topnotch! I’ll shop here again!" —L. Whitman

    "Item is helping keep my closet organized, and looks great." —Sophie W.

    Get it from The White Loft on Etsy for $34.19+ (available in three style options).

    5. pack of two closet-organizing hangers if you have a lot of clothes but want more space. You no longer have to squeeze your fall faves together when you need extra room.

    Scarves neatly hung on closet hanging organizer
    Closet organizing hanger holding scarves, and collapsed to save space

    Promising Review: "I purchased these pant-saving hangers a little over a month ago, and both my wife and I are so happy with our purchase. Our closets have transformed, and space has been maximized. I love the versatility of these hangers — I use them as pant hangers, and my wife uses them as scarf organizers. So, we’re really getting the best value for our money. Also, the non- slip coating really helps with preventing our clothes from slipping off, which just shows how well these hangers have been made, and quality was not cut." —Toufik

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in three colors and two quantities).

    6. A hanging handbag organizer made of a mesh material that allows for easy storage and keeps your fall handbags in shape. Now, you'll spend less time looking for the perfect purse and more time taking cute pics at the pumpkin patch.

    Handbags hanging in a handbag organizer, in closet
    Me Time Sunday/ Etsy

    Sold by Me Time Sunday, a small business on Etsy, this shop has several storage items to help you enhance your wardrobe's organization.

    Get it from Me Time Sunday on Etsy for $31.85+ (available in five style options).

    7. A pack of two belt-organizing hangers to keep your belts tangle-free and easily accessible. Now that they're all in one place, you can instantly find the perfect belt to match your outfit for any autumn activity. 

    Promising Review: "While cleaning out my closest full of clothes from summer to winter, trying to better reorganize and donate, I realized I was using four shirt hangers to hold my know how much space that takes up? A bit. Was able to turn the hook like advertised, and it holds all my belts perfectly! Can have my more used belts on the left to be easily accessible and less used/work belts on the right. I literally cannot believe the amount of space I saved going from four shirt hangers to just this one!! If you are still reading this, buy this!! It’s sturdy, not easily bendable, and can carry so many belts!!! My new favorite closet staple!" —Katelyn D.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.49+ (available in two quantities and four colors).

    8. A macramé hat organizer designed to hold your fall hats in place and could double as functional decor. The woven pattern is sturdy enough to support your entire hat collection.

    Hats organized on wall
    LahaCorner/ Etsy

    Hat hangers do not come with a wooden bar, as pictured above.

    Laha Corner is a small business based in Vietnam that specializes in handwoven home goods.

    Promising Review: "Love the look of these hat hangers. They are sturdy and very high quality. I purchased three and plan to order a few more." —Blair P.

    Get it from Laha Corner on Etsy for $13.20+ (available in 30 colors and 15 styles).

    9. A hanging boot organizer that will end the "messy boot pile" problem you may be having — now that fall is here. Keep your shoes off the floor and neatly organized with this rack that can be placed anywhere in your home.

    Boottique is a small business based in Minnesota that sells items to organize your closet.

    Hardware is included, assembly is required. To avoid issues with the rack leaning or wobbling, make sure you install screws tightly.

    Promising Review: "This thing is really sturdy, hence the reason for the tight fit of the screws. It is just awesome. I've got five pairs of boots in it now, and I love the fact that they are hanging off the ground. I have wooden floors that collect a lot of dust, so keeping them up off the ground keeps the lint from getting all over them. Also love the fact that they keep their shape in this position. The accompanying hangers are really heavy duty and durable. I was skeptical that they may leave marks on my boots, but they have a little seal that protects the boot from the metal. No marks at all, while supplying a really tight hold on even heavier boots. Another huge plus, this fit perfectly into my tiny coat closet! Just turned it sideways to get it in. This could fit quite a few pairs of boots as the design staggers them for maximum use of space — what an awesome design! As you can see, I still have a ton of space. With fall/winter coming up, you'll be pulling your boots on. This rack will keep them beautiful and save space in your closet. Trust me, you will love it!" —Lonnie C.

    Get it from Amazon for $34.95+ (available in seven style options).

    10. A hanging garment bag reviewers say is easy to install and keeps clothes protected from dust, odors, and dampness. Thanks to the clear plastic and spacious qualities, this is also a great way to color coordinate all of your fall styles. 

    Clear garment bag hanging in closet

    Promising Review: "Capacious clothing bag that allows clothes to be hung on a closet or attic rod while completely enclosing them against bugs and dust. Clear, high quality vinyl and solid zippers. Just bought two more." —Robert G.

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    11. A scarf organizer that is sure to make storing and finding your fall-themed scarves a breeze! Because it's made from vinyl materials, it can neatly fit into smaller spaces.

    Hands folding scarves and putting them into organizer
    Naoma Orube/ Etsy

    Naoma Orube is a small business based in Pennsylvania that sells handmade storage products.

    Promising Review: "Just as cute as the picture. GREAT solution for neatly and compactly storing scarves while still easily seeing which one is where when deciding which one to wear. Excellent customer service. I bought two more already! I would definitely buy again from this business." —Catherine C.

    Get it from Naoma Orube on Etsy for $29.99.

    12. pack of three clothing storage organizers for storing your summer clothes so you can bring out your fall wardrobe. Its handles and plastic window make lifting and identification easier.

    Folded clothes in a storage bag
    Storage bags placed in closet

    Promising Review: "These storage containers are huge. I fit my entire summer wardrobe in one, and there was still room left in them. I'm saving the other two for my larger winter wardrobe. Definitely get yourselves these. They fit great under the bed." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in three colors and two styles).

    13. pack of four jean organizers if your pants are taking up too much closet space. Condense your wardrobe to make more room for this season's trendiest knitted pants, joggers, and cargo pants.

    Promising Review: "I have way too many pants! I would stack them on a shelf and make a huge mess every time I would try to find the pair I was looking for. These organizers have since made that effortless! I absolutely love them!" —Shelly S.

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

    14. A pack of 50 hangers that are excellent for keeping your sweaters and tees bump-free. The rounded ends are non-slip to keep your tops supported, and you won't have to worry about any stretching either.

    Promising Review: "The curved shoulders are just perfect for how clothing shoulders actually lay, and the grip is smooth but works great somehow. I shake my clothes to see, and they don’t fall off. Grip is also on the flat bar to lay pants over, and they also don’t fall off. A+ will get more." —Truthful Reviewer

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in two colors).

    15. A drawer organizer to keep your gloves, sunglasses, mittens, and more in one place. Instead of always searching for that perfect autumn accessory, just keep them in an organizer.

    Underwear folded and placed in organizer

    Promising Review: "These are very easy to assemble, and you can fit tons of pieces. They are great for larger drawers. I love the way my drawers look now. A must for your drawers!" —EC

    Get it from Amazon for $15.87+ (available in 12 sizes and eight colors).

    16. jewelry organizer for anyone who needs a new home for their jewelry, other than the dresser. These spacious drawers are large enough to fit watches, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry you'll wear during this pumpkin-spiced season.

    Jewelry organizer drawer open
    Shanik Store/ Etsy

    Shanik Store is a small business based in California that sells high-quality storage boxes.

    Promising Review: "This is truly a beautiful jewelry box!!! The soft pink color with the rose gold handles...the pullout necklace much space...just beautiful!! Thank you so much; this box will be loved for a long time!" —Kamilla

    Get it from Shanik Store on Etsy for $41.24+ (available in two colors and engraving options).

    17. A pack of two shelf dividers to give you extra room for your leggings, beanies, scarves, and other cozy essentials in your wardrobe. Either hang it above or below your shelves to create extra room, practically out of thin air.

    Folded clothes placed on shelf and in attached hanging basket
    Wire rack placed above folded clothes

    Promising Review: "I moved into a condo with very limited space. These organizers are perfect for doubling shelf space. They are versatile where they can be hung from the shelf or sit directly on the shelf." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $40.99 (available in four colors).

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