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    18 Of The Best Places To Buy Carry-On Luggage So You Can Travel In Style

    Start your vacation off right with a new suitcase. Oh, and some of these carry-ons come with a built-in charger so you'll never have to search for another outlet again.

    1. Calpak designs functional and affordable items for you to use while you explore the world. It started as a collection of handbags and wallets and has now evolved into a company that also provides carry-ons with features like expandability, fully divided packing compartments, and water-resistant exteriors.

    2. July sells luggage that will have you catching flights in style. They've also combined storage with technology to give you a suitcase that can charge your phone, laptop, tablet, or whatever!

    3. Away offers a bunch of super cute luggage items that come in all sorts of bold colors. They've even added some new pieces that are so nostalgic, you'll think you've time-traveled back to the 1990s.

    4. Monos carries sustainably made stylish and functional luggage. They use vegan materials where animal-derived materials would traditionally be used.

    5. Dagne Dover is a woman-owned brand that also makes efforts to decrease its carbon footprint and produce eco-friendly products. Now you can make a practical purchase, without sacrificing style.

    6. Samsonite produces high-quality products that are super durable. You can feel safe knowing that your luggage won't be damaged if you have to cram your bag in the overhead bin, at an angle.

    7. Traveler's Choice offers a premium selection of luggage and suitcases. Even though they appear to be super heavy, they're actually lightweight. All suitcases come with a 10-year warranty, so you can easily get any missing or damaged parts replaced.

    8. Paravel celebrates travel by creating timeless pieces that will give you a vintage feel when you're waiting to board your flight. Like many brands on this list, these travel goods are made to be sustainable.

    9. Level 8 Luggage produces sophisticated and simple products from durable materials. Make traveling easier with a carry-on that has ultra-quiet 360-degree spinner wheels, and is made from aerospace-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy.

    10. Tumi makes attractive, high-quality travel items that are worth the price. All suitcases come with repair services, customization, and trackers just in case your carry-on has gone missing.

    11. Macy's sells several carry-on brands with various price ranges. It doesn't matter if you're shopping on a budget or looking to splurge, you'll find something you love!

    12. Nordstrom has almost every travel goods brand in one place, with deals that are actually worth the wait! They also have a wide selection of carry-on luggage to scroll through, so you'll definitely find your ideal suitcase.

    13. Tuplus creates aluminum and magnesium alloy carry-on luggage with standard USB ports for charging your electronics. Now you don't need to search for an outlet like everyone else.

    14. Patagonia is your new favorite brand of quality, eco-friendly duffles. All of their bags are multi-functional and made from recycled materials. If your bag is heavy from over-packing, you can carry it on your back to distribute the weight.

    a black duffle bag with yellow accents and the name "patagonia" in red.

    15. Bric's Milano is a family-owned business that produces handcrafted, luxurious, high-end, fine-leather travel goods. Their products are definitely a splurge-worthy purchase if you value artistry, quality, and luxury in your bags.

    16. OOO Traveling creates trendy luggage that is built to last during any of those chaotic, last-minute trips you plan with your besties.

    17. Amazon has literally anything and everything we could think of, so why not search for luggage? They have options from luxury brand names to small businesses. You can shop for well-made carry-ons for your little ones and yourself, at the same time!

    18. Béis is a great option if you're looking for something that's stylish enough for "The Gram," but sturdy enough to handle any rough treatment.

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