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    12 Bride Moments That'll Leave Any Bridesmaid Trembling In Fear

    Brides gone wild!

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the worst bride moments they experienced as a bridesmaid. Here are some of their stories:

    1. When this bride told her bridesmaid to ignore her family's health problems to focus on her.


    "I was in a wedding and everything started out great. Suddenly, my child had a medical condition that required a lot of observation and testing. Also, my grandfather started rapidly declining due to Alzheimer’s. I informed the bride that for the time being I needed to be left alone to take care of my child and grandfather. She then informed me that this was HER wedding and I needed to focus on HER needs! She told everyone how I was trying to ruin HER wedding."


    2. When this poor bridesmaid was subjected to the blind date from hell.


    "Let's see...on top of everything else, I was put at a different table from the rest of the bridal party and far away from anyone I knew. She told me earlier she planned to set me up with someone I didn't like and was very aggressive about it. I was uncomfortable with the idea and begged her not to do that to me. But, of course, she knew I wouldn't be able to leave.

    That guy was obnoxious AF and never shut up."


    3. Or, when this bridesmaid was demoted to guest because of her "lack of dedication" — aka having a stroke.


    "She bought me a dress and shoes three sizes too small and expected me to fit into it. When I suffered a series of mini strokes that landed me in the hospital, she was mad I would take too long to reply to her constant texts and emails. Then, she was mad I couldn't afford to fly abroad for her bridal shower and when I asked for approval to carry a bag at her wedding so I could have access to my post stroke medication. Then, she told me I had to color my pink hair brown because she wanted to have pink hair. In the end, I was demoted for not being dedicated enough, so I told her I no longer needed her as a friend and never spoke to her again."


    4. "When this bridesmaid found out she wasn't in the wedding via social media.


    "She was my best friend and she changed the whole wedding party and didn't tell me. I realized I had been kicked out when I saw a Facebook post of her presenting her bridesmaids with their "will you be my bridesmaid" gifts. The kicker was I helped her buy those gifts and still made the speech on the wedding day. It was humiliating."


    5. When this bride scammed her way into making her wedding party pay for her trip.


    "I had to tell the bride that she couldn't secretly get married before our mutual friend's destination wedding. She then guilted me into going to her destination wedding less than a year later, even though it was tremendously expensive. Her entire wedding was a carbon copy of our mutual friend's wedding, except the bride cheaped out. She didn't even have a reception, we just showed up at the resort restaurant without a reservation. Later, I found out that we all paid more so that the bride and groom could go for free. We don't talk anymore, thank goodness!"


    6. Or, when this bride went to extreme lengths to get this female groomsman kicked out of the wedding.

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    "One of my closest friends decided to marry a truly terrible woman. He asked her to let me be a bridesmaid, to which she refused because my 'colors wouldn’t match' the rest of her party (I’m black, she’s from Belgium). Okay, no big deal; my friend decided I’d be one of his groomsmen. When she found out, she flipped her shit and kept insisting I shouldn't be a part of the wedding. Day of, she DEMANDED I bee removed from the wedding party, even though I had already bought my coordinating lady tux and accessories. Then, she kicked her SISTER out of the wedding because I was supposed to walk down the aisle with her, and she didn’t want the pictures to be asymmetrical. I went to the wedding and enjoyed my friend and his family, while she screamed about “the negress” ruining photos the entire time. Then, my car got stolen from the venue parking lot. It turned out, her brother was the one who stole it. In the end, they got an annulment.

    Fun times."


    7. When this bride thought that a pregnancy announcement ruined her wedding, even though her wedding was four months prior.


    "I was a bridesmaid for my sister-in-law. I was four months pregnant at the time, but hadn’t told anybody because we didn’t want to steal any attention from the wedding. We waited until a month after the wedding, when it was getting hard to hide, before we told anyone. The bride hasn’t spoken to me since. According to her, I ‘stole her thunder.' It’s been nearly four years and she hasn’t spoken to me or acknowledged my daughter in any way. 🙄"


    8. When this bride decided that basic manners to apply to her.


    "The bride accidentally locked herself and the bridal party out of the dressing room while we took some quick pictures outside. She blamed me for not grabbing the key from the room and was livid that the wedding rings were locked inside. I ended up climbing out the window of the room next door, in my bridesmaid dress, so I could access the dressing room window from the roof. When I opened the door for her she didn't even say thank you. She was a pill for the entire day, but the really shitty moment was the next day. My dad told me that my childhood dog had died and when I told the bride at breakfast, she said, 'Oh, I knew she would die. She was old.' We don't talk anymore."


    9. When this bride disregarded her bridesmaid/sister's medical emergency and cared more about the tasks at hand.

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    "My sister is an abusive, narcissistic see-you-next-Tuesday. I had my first panic attack the morning of her wedding. I didn't know what was happening, just that I couldn't breathe and that I thought I was going to die. My sister stood over me while I was on the floor with a completely impassive expression. She was watching me struggle to breathe, before she kicked me hard in the ribs and said, 'Get up, my wedding is today and you have work to do.' Fuck you, sis."


    10. Or, when this bridesmaid was body shamed and guilted into losing 20 pounds in four weeks.


    "The bride chose and purchased the bridesmaid dresses a year before the wedding. We gave our sizes, but when we went to try them on 10 months later only one of the dresses fit. The maid of honor was heavily pregnant, one bridesmaid had lost a lot of weight and myself and another had gained weight. The bride found this seamstress who could alter the dresses, but she refused to even consider doing anything about the two dresses that were too small. The seamstress basically called us both fat and said we were bad friends for gaining weight. I was told I needed to lose at least 20 pounds in about four weeks and the bride nodded in agreement. The night before the next dress fitting the bride texted me saying if the dress didn't fit I would be out of the wedding. In the end, the dress fit with room to spare and I was in the wedding, but it wasn't fun. By the way, two years later when I got married the bride was supposed to be my maid of honor. She sent me a message two weeks before my wedding saying she couldn't make it because she was just too busy with other things. I haven't spoken to her since."


    11. When this bride tried to take a page out the Mean Girls handbook and sabotage her bridesmaid, who's also her sister.

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    "My friend was asked to be her step-sister's bridesmaid. The bride requested that my friend dye her natural red hair brown to 'go with the other bridesmaids'. She also requested that she only do a certain skincare regime in the weeks before the wedding. Then the bride told her she had to put on some weight because she was too skinny compared to the other bridesmaids. My friend lost it at this point and came crying to me, as her sister knew she'd struggled with an eating disorder in the past. While with me, she received a text from the bride, clearly meant for another bridesmaid, about how she was deliberately trying to make my friend look less attractive for the wedding because she 'wasn't about to be outshined' by anyone. The skincare regime she'd given her contained things my friend was allergic to, so her face would go red! That was some Mean Girls level nastiness."


    12. Finally, when this bride kicked out a bridesmaid for sleeping with her fiancé, only she kicked out the wrong one.

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    "My two best friends got engaged in April 2017. When they first got engaged, the bride asked me to be her maid of honor. About a year before the wedding the bride called to tell me she didn’t want me in the wedding party because she thought I was trying to sleep with her fiancé. It later comes out that her fiancé not only hooked up with her sister's best friend, he also slept with THE GIRL I WAS REPLACED WITH...

    Might be worth it to add: at that time I was happily in a relationship with ANOTHER WOMAN and had no intentions whatsoever of sleeping with the groom."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.