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    16 Of The Worst Pieces Of Financial Advice People Have Ever Been Given

    Not all advice is good advice.

    When trying to improve finances, many achieve this by limiting frivolous purchases or starting side hustles.

    While there's a lot of good financial advice that could be beneficial to someone trying to save money, there's also some really bad guidance being given. Recently u/Miserable-Tea-1836 asked the Reddit community, "What’s the worst piece of financial advice somebody has given you?" The responses were downright concerning, here are the best ones:

    1. No Credit Card, No Credit Card Debt

    2. Repayment Isn't Required

    3. Pools Are For Winners

    4. Spend It, Spend It All

    5. Phone Bills Are Optional

    6. Used Car Or New Car

    7. Magical Debt

    8. Casino Royale

    9. More Dependents, More Problems

    10. College Pays For Itself

    11. Beware Of Thieves

    12. Bankruptcy Is Your Friend

    13. Financial Advisors, Advise Finances

    14. That's What Loans Are For

    15. Credit Fixes Credit

    16. Free Money