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    20 Things Only Former Scene Kids Will Remember

    Although we're all trying so hard to forget.

    1. When every scene girl wanted hair like this.

    2. Logging on to Myspace every day in hopes that you'd see this.

    3. When everyone made weird collages like this in MS Paint and put them in their Myspace profile.

    4. Spending hours trying to come up with the perfect "scene name."

    5. Buying (or wishing you could buy) all your clothes from here.

    6. When Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear, bats, and diamonds were everywhere.

    7. Teasing your hair every morning until it looked like this.

    8. Spending hours adding people on Myspace "whore trains" in the hopes that they'd add you back.

    9. Wishing you looked just like Audrey Kitching and her friends.

    10. Using enough of this to make a new hole in the ozone layer.

    11. Being obsessed with My Chemical Romance back when they looked like this.

    12. Wearing one of these necklaces.

    13. The song "Fer Sure" by The Medic Droid.

    14. Most of your outfits looked like this.

    15. Wearing one of these.

    16. Never going anywhere without eyeliner on.

    17. This embarrassing saying that seemed to be everywhere.

    18. When Jeffree Star was relevant.

    19. When everyone had a crush on Alex Evans.

    20. When you and your friends all insisted that it wasn't a phase, and you were totally going to stay scene forever.