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10 ASMR Videos That Will Have You Asleep In Minutes

Even if you've never heard of ASMR, this might just be what you need to fall asleep fast.

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What is ASMR?

According to Wikipedia (the world's most reliable website, as we know), ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and is best described as "a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli." For example, if you've ever experienced tingles while getting your hair cut or listening to a particularly soothing voice, you might be sensitive to ASMR. A thriving community of YouTubers make videos that attempt to trigger tingles for others, which often help people relax and sleep. While some of the role-play scenarios might be a little hard to get into for ASMR newbies, there's nothing weird or sexual about it, just a way of expressing creativity as these talented ASMRtists work hard to give you a good night's sleep. So grab a blanket and plug in your headphones, because these ten tingle-worthy videos will have you counting sheep in no time!

10. Binaural Scalp Massage + Brushing Hair + Ear Cleaning - thatASMRchick

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thatASMRchick / Via

A simple video to start things off. Many ASMR video creators use binaural microphones for ear-to-ear sound, which helps create a more realistic effect. This also features some slight mouth clicking sounds, so skip that if mouth sounds gross you out.

9. Binaural Whisper Session For Sleep/Relaxation - theWaterwhispers

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theWaterwhispers / Via

Almost an hour of nothing but soft whispering. Her flower crown is totally adorable!

8. Trickling Stream/Woodland Ambience/Birds - Ephemeral Rift

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Ephemeral Rift / Via

Ephemeral Rift is a talented ASMRtist, but most of his roleplay videos have apocalyptic themes. While those are fun to relax to, they might give you weird dreams if you fall asleep to them. Instead, here is over an hour of ambient nature sounds, water sounds, and birds. These might not necessarily trigger your ASMR, but they do make for some pretty sweet background noise as you drift off.

7. Peaceful Sleep Relaxation - WhisperCrystal

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WhisperCrystal / Via

Unfortunately, WhisperCrystal no longer makes videos, but she left us with a lot of great content. This video is specifically designed for sleep, but elsewhere on her channel you can find some of the most intricately detailed ASMR relaxation scenarios ever made, as well as affirmations for self-esteem and inner peace.

6. Mindwalkers: Futuristic ASMR Role Play - Steven ASMR

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Steven ASMR / Via

If you dream of robots and spaceships, this short yet impressive video might be just the thing for you. Steven's voice is extremely relaxing, and the visual effects he uses really take the scenario to the next level.

5. 3D Sound ASMR (Brush Sounds/Smoke/Massage/Feather Sounds) - GentleWhispering

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GentleWhispering / Via

While this video has many different triggers for ASMR, the real draw to GentleWhispering's videos is her voice. She has a wonderful soothing Russian accent.

4. What Is ASMR? 30 Different Binaural Triggers To Find Yours! - Olivia's Kissper ASMR

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Olivia's Kissper ASMR / Via

This video contains a wide variety of different triggers for tingles. Some of the more popular triggers include turning pages, haircut sounds, hair brushing, and face brushing.

3. Virtual Spa: Relaxing Haircut - VeniVidiVulpes

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VeniVidiVulpes / Via

This is one of the more popular ASMR roleplays on YouTube, and simulates the complete salon experience.

2. The Sleep Police Role Play - Heather Feather

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Heather Feather / Via

Heather Feather takes a fun and creative approach to every video she makes. In this one, she plays the role of a policewoman inside your head who's been assigned to help you sleep. Sure, it's wacky, but it works. Also, before you fall asleep completely, keep an ear out for some random nerdy references, which she often drops for those quick enough to catch them.

1. Departure Ep. 1 - ASMRrequests

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ASMRrequests / Via

This is one of the most famous ASMR videos ever, and for good reason. Ally of ASMRrequests plays a intergalactic travel agent in a video that's visually amazing, completely imaginative, and filled with tingles. She recently released a sequel, Departure Ep. 2, and promises more installments in the future.

If you made it all the way through every video on this list and you're STILL not asleep...

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